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Can WordPress Really Benefit Your Business?

The website building platform Wordpress was launched in 2003, with users mainly creating blog posts. It has slowly become the most popular CMS on the internet, featuring up to 75 million websites, which is around a third of all sites online.

So many new posts are made on WordPress every second, with users taking advantage of the platform’s perks to share content and attract users to their website in an attempt to boost brand awareness and growth.

Can your business really benefit from having a WordPress website? These are some of the reasons why you should create a website immediately.

WordPress is open source and free

It has remained this way since its development in 2003, allowing users to share content and market their brand for no charge. The open source nature of WordPress allows users to change any aspect of code they would like to in order to create a customized website that meets their exact desires. If you have some technical coding skill, you can manually tweak the code to create the best site for you. If you are not sure how to go about it, you could always use plugins to set up a preferred site.

It is ready to use

Many content management systems will require additional calibration after installation that will probably affect the ease of use. If you do not understand exactly what you need in order to configure your website ideally, you could create an inefficient and unsatisfactory website. You will need to look for certain basic features, which will take a lot of time and require some skill or experience. For WordPress, you could be finished with the installation and set up within minutes. WordPress has certain necessary tools such as social media integration, comment boxes, RSS feeds and revisions embedded into its core code. It is ready to run as soon as it is finished installing.

It is flexible

No other CMS offers the flexibility of WordPress. You can customize your website to meet all your needs because the platform is the most flexible in terms of customization options. There are tens of thousands of plugins available, with a large number of themes as well. users can also make manual changes to the open source code to suit their needs, which makes it the most customizable option available. Whether you are looking to create a blog, interactive website, dedicated company social media or ecommerce site, WordPress will be compatible with all your choices.

Can Wordpress Really Benefit Your Business?

It is safe

WordPress is a popular target for malicious attackers because it is popular. They have a larger victim base to reach, since there are many users on the platform. However, attackers are not likely to be successful on websites whose owners take sufficient precautions. WordPress updates the core code regularly, helping to keep it fresh and strong against attacks. The brand takes security matters very seriously, with each release guaranteeing high levels of safety. The automatic updates helps to strengthen the code against potential attackers. If you regularly update your website and plugins, you will be safe from potential attacks. You may also need to avoid using plugins from non official and untrustworthy third party sources.

It is compatible with a multimedia variety

WordPress will be suitable for any type of content that you are interested in sharing. Whether you are using audio, image, text or video files, you can upload these onto your website easily. You can also edit your uploads through the dedicated media library page. The diverse multimedia compatibility allows users to post content that they believe will attract as many of their target audience members as possible. Different types of content are easy to upload onto your website, although larger files may cause it o be significantly slower to load, which may affect performance, user satisfaction and SEO ranking.

It is mobile friendly

From a website owner’s perspective, there is a WordPress application for mobile phones and tablets that will help you manage your website on the move. This will make it convenient to monitor your site and make posts from the comfort of your home or in collaboration with other activities. You do not have to hire WordPress developer to provide these services just because you may have less time to handle them yourself. The mobile friendliness also makes it easy for your visitors to access your site. WordPress has themes which are responsive to the mobile interface, which means that mobile phone users, who are the majority of internet visitors, can access your site easily. You will not lose out on a potentially massive customer base.

Can Wordpress Really Benefit Your Business?

It is easy to monitor and manage

WordPress will notify you as soon as any updates are available, both for the core code, and any plugins or themes used. It is also equipped with an inbuilt auto update mechanism to help boost security. The themes and plugins will alert you as soon as updates are available, making it hard to miss out on these aspects. Plugins may be used to monitor he security activity of your website, and send feedback to your email. You will be able to know which aspects of your website have any issue as soon as it arises, helping you to keep it secure.

There is enough support

WordPress is the largest site builder available, featuring up to a third of all websites on the internet. This has an advantage in that there is lots of information on the internet to help you understand how to operate your site perfectly, as well as how to address any issues you may face on your site. There are many dedicated forums and tutorials available on the internet, which will make the CMS even easier to understand, install and use. The community also includes developers, who come up with new tools and themes regularly. Aside from keeping your website looking fresh, you can hire WordPress developer to optimize your website and help improve user experience, which could increase your visibility.

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