Friday, June 2, 2023

Bringing the last order under control

In this day and age, a busy lifestyle has got people so immersed in their daily lives that they are neglectful of people around them, especially the world-weary ones who are one step away from committing suicide.

Today’s editorial of Afarinesh newspaper focused on the issue of “suicide” and was timed to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10. The following translation reflects, though brief, what contributes to this social issue and a possible remedy to address it.


A look at a raft of suicide cases reveals that the decision to end one’s life usually comes on the heels of financial setbacks or emotional breakdown. Such failure can emanate from social, cultural, economic, and family factors. Thus, among other things, promotion of public mental health and awareness, encouraging people to take part in social activities, workout, spending great time in a group, treatment of mental disorders, easy access to health and medical care, and an improvement in economic and social welfare across the society, can potentially fix this issue.

12There is no need to say that one of the best and most effective precautionary measures is last- moment “support and supervision” when the final command is given by the brain to the person to take their life. We are utterly ignorant of the fact that our indifference and busy lives have turned us into people who are neglectful of their friends and all those around them.

Overwhelmed by the thought that others and society do not care about them, suicidal people views themselves as a burden on others as well as on themselves, and come to the conclusion that it would be much better to put an end to their difficult, dull and meaningless life.

Acting as a core preemptive measure, however, “support and supervision” can blunt the destructive effect of uselessness and humiliation which usually puts the idea of suicide in a person’s head. Humiliation plays an important role, especially when it is social, a condition which is more painful than belittlement within a family and can be caused by class discriminations and the absence of equal opportunities for everyone in society.


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