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Biotech Products Account for Lion’s Share of Iran’s Knowledge-Based Exports

Secretary of Biotech Development Centre (BioDC) at Iran’s Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Mostafa Qane’i has highlighted the active role of biosciences in the ecosystem of technology and innovation, saying 60% of Iran's knowledge-based exports are in the field of biotechnology.

Biotechnology is a science that has great potential for value and wealth creation in the world and this has been of particular interest to countries.

The popular science in Iran has also been welcomed by Iranian students and youths, and a large number of pupils are graduating each year in this field.

The Secretary of Biotech Development Centre at Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology is also working to develop this applied science in the country by implementing various programs.

One of the most specialised and advanced fields is the pharmaceutical industry; an industry that is directly in touch with human health.

The Biotech Development Centre has also entered the field and taken major steps in developing the country’s pharmaceutical industry by introducing applied and effective knowledge-based issues.

One of these measures is to support a meeting of the heads of pharmaceutical research centres in Iran at the University of Medical Sciences with the participation of managers and policy makers of the Iranian pharmaceutical industry.

“More than 50 percent of the tax deductions for knowledge-based companies, as well as about 60 percent of its exports are related to biotech,” Qane’i said in a recent meeting with Iran’s pharmaceutical industry executives and policymakers.

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Given the good performance of pharmaceutical scientists in the country, we can claim that Iran has achieved remarkable growth in biotechnology, noted Qane’ie.

He added that Iran’s development in the field of medical biotechnology is acceptable, and with the help of native experts in the country, we have been able to think about exports along with meeting domestic needs.

“Iranian bio-products are welcomed by other countries. For example, Russia, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey are regular customers of these Iranian products. Argentina, also wants to buy Iranian bio-products that we are negotiating and consulting with the country over this.”

Emphasising that the value of bio-products in the country is significant, Qane’ie said, Iranian bio-products brought about $ 1.2 billion to the country, and we should try to increase this amount with pursuing the right plans.

“Qane’i said that bypassing sanctions with the help of biotechnology is one of the applications of this science, and stressed on the increase of the production of bio-products in the country.”

According to him, the sanctions are the best opportunity to boost domestic production.

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