Thursday, November 30, 2023

Biden Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Returning to Law: Iran President

The Iranian president has once again asked the new United States administration to return to the law and make up for the past mistakes of the administration of former President Donald Trump.

President Hassan Rouhani described Trump as an “insane” ruler who could not force Iranians into submission.

“We wouldn’t have thought that a lunatic would come to power in the United States and would wage a war, unprecedented in history, against the great Iranian nation,” he said.

“He was insane because he thought he would force Iranian people into submission by putting them under pressure,” the president added.

“Now, American people have realized that he was mistaken, and so has the current US administration. We hope these mistakes are compensated for as soon as possible, and the new US administration will submit to the law, regulations and UN Security Council Resolution 2231,” he noted.

“Submission to law is not a problem. They shouldn’t be ashamed of that. What is bad is submission to force. But submission to law is something good and one should always give in to law,” he said.

President Rouhani also rejected allegations that Tehran is pressuring Washington into doing what it wants.

“There are propaganda campaigns claiming Iran has adopted measures to put the US under pressure. That’s not true,” he explained.

“We are not asking the US to do something illegal. We want it to obey the law,” said Rouhani.

“All governments have a human and political responsibility to implement and respect international regulations, international commitments, international accords. Therefore, we hope they will return to the law, so that we will be able to conduct our interactions and dealings in the world under better circumstances, especially in the trade sector,” he said.

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