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Beryani; Special Meal of Iran’s Isfahan Province

Beryani is one of the famous Iranian dishes made especially in the central Iranian province of Isfahan. The food has become known around the world and has many fans among Iranians.

Beryani is considered as the most famous traditional food in Isfahan. It is the only specialty in Isfahan, which is cooked and sold in special unique restaurants, and is not usually served along with other foods. Therefore, one can say the dish is of great importance to the people of Isfahan.

According to literary and historical texts, Baryani is a special food whose history goes back to about 400 year ago.

Nowadays Isfahanis and tourists know Beryani as a dish rich in fat and a specialty for lunch made from lamb and lungs.


Beryani; Special Meal of Iran’s Isfahan ProvinceIngredients:

*250 grams of lamb shoulder

* 50 grams of tail fat

*100 grams of sheep lungs

* 2 medium-sized onions

* 1 tablespoon of cinnamon

* 1 tablespoon of brewed saffron

* Walnuts, pistachio and almond

* Dried mint, salt and pepper as much as needed



Pour four cups of water in a pot and add the lamb, onion, and a few tablespoons of liquid oil. Then, place it on medium heat until the meat is tender. (A bit of water must remain at the bottom of the pot)

Beryani; Special Meal of Iran’s Isfahan ProvinceChop the lungs and cook with two glasses of water, one chopped onion, a few tablespoons of oil, some salt and pepper in a pot on a medium heat. After being cooked, sauté the mixture a bit and mince it.

Then mince the cooked lamb and tail fat and mix it with brewed saffron, dried mint, salt and black pepper and then re-mince it.

Beryani; Special Meal of Iran’s Isfahan ProvinceShape the Beryani mixture like a burger and put some cinnamon powder, pistachio or almond slices on it. Then, put it in a greased pot to grill. Then let the other side be grilled as well. Splash some meat broth on bread, and put Beryani on it. Finally, design the dish with minced lungs, crushed walnuts, parsley, etc.

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