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Remarkable desert formations in southeastern Iran

Every corner of the desert is home to archeological sites dating back to the fourth millennium B.C. and the Islamic.

Barberry collection in South Khorasan Province (PHOTOS)

A vast area in South Khorasan is under cultivation and the barberry crop is expected to grow this year.

An Afghan janitor-turned-sculptor

Alikhan is a janitor in the capital and has been making sculptures for more than a decade.

A woman shines in a male-dominated job

When my works are sent to experts for evaluation, they find it difficult to believe that such works have been created by a woman, she says.

A push to end war: Have Russia and the US struck a secret deal over Syria?

An Afghan analyst has said that a decision by the US and Russia to deconflict any overlapping airstrikes in Syria indicates that the two sides may have reached an agreement over the future of Syria.

Mourning ceremony in Abyaneh (PHOTOS)

Shiite mourning ceremonies came to their peak on Saturday which coincided with Ashura.

Trust in or distrust of the US; which one is more sensible?

The nuclear deal does not guarantee the termination of sanctions, nor does it offer any assurances that the country's achievements will be safeguarded, the daily argues.

Muddy artist points up water crisis in Iran

A man in mud, Masoud Nikdel, brings his routine activities to a standstill to artistically say that water crisis is a serious problem in Iran.

Paintings by Adolf Hitler on display in Tehran

The two watercolor paintings are estimated to be created in the first decade of the 20th century when Adolf Hitler was in Vienna.

Statue of peace, a journey from Persepolis to Rome and back (PHOTOS)

The Statue of Penelope unearthed in Persepolis along with its three Roman counterparts is on display at the Iranian National Museum.

Mina tragedy; Iran needs to err on the side of caution

A former Iranian ambassador to Oman has said that the Islamic Republic should act vigilantly in dealing with the deadly stampede in Saudi Arabia.

Israel bound to weaken; no military action needed: Expert

Without resort to war, the issue of Israel will be settled by the residents of the Palestinian territories in the next 25 years, Shirmardi predicted.

Tomb of Seyyed Gholam Rasoul in Iran’s Chabahar

The tomb of Seyyed Gholam Rasoul, which dates back to the 11th century AD, has white walls and Indian-style architecture.

The Iran nuclear deal; why so many misconceptions?

Aftab-e Yazd daily has said in an opinion piece that Iran is not the only reason behind misunderstandings surrounding the Iran nuclear deal and the unprecedented confrontational attitude of the US Congress toward President Obama.

Restored Golden Palm unveiled in Tehran park

There is hope that the unveiling of the artwork can prompt a huge leap in economic and cultural relations between the two nations, Iranian deputy foreign minister said.

Iran unveils new miniature paintings by Mahmoud Farshchian

Farshchian’s works have always been the most significant gifts I’ve ever offered to officials from other countries, Foreign Minister Zarif said during the unveiling ceremony.

Iran nuclear deal cannot fix all economic problems

Sadegh Zibakalam, an Iranian political analyst, has said that unaccountability is a problem bigger than sanctions for Iran, adding that the country should learn lessons from other nations on fixing the economy.

Iranian diplomats visit peace-themed calligraphy exhibition in Tehran

The exhibition is a valuable cultural initiative to promote peace and to counter war and violence, Abbas Araghchi, a deputy foreign minister, said.

Windmill: Original Iranian Experience of Industrial Structure

The widespread availability of wind has made it possible for Iranians in desert areas to use the windmills.

Iranian painter with no hands creates magnificent artworks

Azimi says he found it too challenging to put up with the difficult conditions at first, but with every passing day, he got better at using his toes to write and draw.

Jalili symbolizes glory and Zarif embodies beauty of the establishment

An Iranian presidential advisor has said that the assets FM Zarif tapped into to successfully conclude a nuclear deal with P5+1 had been accumulated during Jalili's stewardship of the talks.

MP writes letter to judiciary on imprisoned son of former president

"What is wrong with a defendant or their attorney saying that the ruling issued in the case is not fair?" Motahari asked in the letter.

Stepanos Church in Western Iran

The ancient church of Stepanos has now turned into a museum in Hamedan.

Something seems to have gone wrong here

Aftab-e Yazd, a reformist daily, has disputed Hamas’ new behavior and its ties with a country which does what it takes to harm Iran’s interests in the region.

Iran in Photos: Underground City of Nooshabad

Nooshabad, known as Ouyi to locals, is an underground city with many passages and chambers in Isfahan Province in central Iran. It is one of the world's most remarkable underground cities and dates back to the pre-Islamic era.

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