Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Altcoin Un-season: Altcoin Prices Experience Severe Drop While BTC Dominance Rises

In the past few months, it looked as if the crypto world was set for a new Altcoin season. This is because BTC experienced a drastic decline. As such, many users preferred using other crypto currency alternatives to BTC.

Well, it looked as if the table has turned in the past week. Altcoin is now experiencing an all-time low. This appears to be the onset of a un-season in Altcoin.

It is crystal clear that Altcoin had a brilliant start to the year with an impressive market share. The past few weeks have shown that BTC has experienced a significant increase. Within this period, there were no significant changes in the market cap. This resulted in Altcoin losing its value against BTC and their market share.

It is equally surprising that Binance Coin (BNB), known to be the king of the recent Altcoin season, is also beginning to experience a decline.

Could This Signal the End of the Altcoin Season?

Since there is no doubting the fact that BTC had a great month with massive dominance and gains while Altcoin experienced a great drop, could this be the start of the end of altcoin season?

Well, let’s have a good look at a few exceptions. While the Bitcoin cash has its market share increased by a percent, in the same period, some Altcoin prices have grown against BTC.

This can only mean one thing. The fact that BTC is experiencing a great dominance over Altcoin does not mean that Altcoin can’t undergo a significant increase in their market share.

Come to think of it, when you go down the memory lane, Altcoin does not have the best chance. This is because high volatility in BTC price does not provide the most favorable condition for Altcoin’s survival.

BeaXchange: A Great Medium for Trading

Have you ever been on the lookout for a stable and secure means of crypto currency exchange? Then look no further. BeaXchange works perfectly for this purpose. It is not surprising that many users have come back with testimonies of how great BeaXchange is. This has gone a long way to spreading its gospel to many potential users.

In addition to the comfort and easy navigation that BeaXchange provides, it is safe to say that this medium offers all that you need in an exchange. The importance of having a safe and reliable exchange medium to trade cannot be over-emphasized. BeaXchange is highly recommended.

Why Should You Trust BeaXchange?

BeaXchange provides zero percent commission. With this medium of exchange, all costs are absorbed. There are no percentage deduction for both buyers and sellers. Isn’t that interesting?

Not only that, it also guarantees high liquidity. With BeaXchange, you are assured of a vast trading volume. Instant execution of orders makes it more pleasurable.

In addition, BeaXchange complies with legal terms. It is registered with the European Union. Needless to say, it has large bank support with guaranteed license holders.

Furthermore, it gives maximum security. This ensures that the platform cannot be breached. Complete data encryption, DDOS protection, multiple location server backups, amongst others have all been employed to guarantee an impenetrable security for all.

Also, the website can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world via mobile phones or computers. It allows for a cross-platform trading. It works fine to ensure that maximum comfort is provided.

It is equally interesting to know that BeaXchange provides fiat currency stable coins. This works fine in one of those moments when you feel like getting off the volatility of the crypto currency market

Tied Coin: First Japanese Crypto Currency Launched in Collaboration with BeaXchange

The launch of Tied coin was recently announced as a price stable crypto currency. Tied coin has a complete collateral relationship between Euro and Japanese Yen. It is said that Tied coin would be the first Japanese crypto currency that is backed up by fiat.

Given the fact that Tied coin is massively backed, that means the coin cannot crash. This is because there is actual money behind it and stable coins are issued. Tied coin’s mode of operation is based on the interplay of demand and supply.

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