Friday, July 12, 2024

A Look at Jolfa History: An Exhibition of Iranian-Armenian Lifestyle

“A Look at the History of Jolfa” is the title of an exhibition on the traditional jobs, arts and clothing of Armenians in Iran’s Isfahan.

The exhibition is being held in Vank Cathedral, Jolfa neighbourhood, Isfahan.

It is held on the first anniversary of the establishment of New Anthropological Museum of Jolfa Armenians.

A live exposition of traditional jobs, arts, clothing and lifestyle of Armenians is underway inside the museum.

The first part of the exhibition is dedicated to decorative arts, printing industry and home furniture of Armenians living in Isfahan. The rooms of ladies and offices of gentlemen, as well as their cooking utensils from Safavid to Pahlavi period, are simulated and displayed in the second part.

The third part of the museum includes the church, the school and the old Armenian musical instruments; while the photos of 30 prominent figures of Jolfa are shown in the fourth part.

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