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A Beginner’s Guide for Playing Live Roulette

It is easy to look at Roulette as a simple game, where there is a wheel, you play your bets, the wheel spins and you win or lose.

It is a naive way to look at Roulette. Let’s begin on a journey to understand live Roulette and the various not-so-simple bets a player can use, to have odds in their favour.

Roulette: A Guide

A Roulette has two kinds of wheels – French and European Roulette wheels. A French Roulette wheel has 36 numbers and a 0. A European wheel, on the other hand, has 36 numbers and two pockets with zeroes – 0 and 00. That makes the total number of pockets to be 38 here.

During the play, the wheel spins in one direction and the balls in the opposite direction. The pockets on a wheel are consecutively coloured either red or black with the numbers in those pockets, not being in chronological order. So, you will find a nine next to a 23.

There is also a betting board alongside the spinning wheel. It is where every player places their bet.


Straight – Allows you to place a bet on just one number. Place your chips on the square of the number on betting board.

Split – Placing a bet on two numbers next to each other on the betting board. To bet, you place your chips between the columns of both numbers.

Street – A bet for placing money on three consecutive numbers. To do this, you put your bet outside the column of your average figure.

Six line – This bet means betting on two adjacent rows of numbers on the betting board.

Corner – This is a bet of four numbers. It can be placed by putting a chip on the standard corner of four numbers.

Trio – A three-number bet that includes zeros.

What are the odds?

If you are playing European Roulette while betting on single numbers, the chances of winning become 1 in 37. If you win, the bet will play 35:1. There are some wagers in American Roulette that can have the same payouts as European version with odds of 1:38.

Chances are bound to increase as you bet on more numbers. It can be 1:18.5 for the split bet, and 1:2.06 for red black or higher bets. Alongside, payouts decrease proportionally. If you are a beginner, it is safe to bet for higher odds, as it will prolong your playtime.

Beginner Strategy

If you are a beginner looking for a strategy, the Martingale system might be your best bet. It is a classic Roulette strategy where you change your bet, based on the outcome of the previous round. So, you double your bet if you lost the last series and go back to the original amount if you won. This method also has its pitfalls, where a string of losses may leave you with empty pockets. So, tread with caution.

DeAlembert System might be another alternative for players, who don’t want to play as aggressive as the Martingale system dictates. This system requires to increase the bet by one unit after each loss, and decrease by one after a win. The system is simplistic and straight forward, which is why it is used by most.


It was a basic walk-through of the Live Roulette. Any player will be armed with rules and necessary know-how of Roulette through this article. The best strategy to learn Roulette, however, is to play it. You can always start with free live slots to get the hang of the game, but then jump right in!


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