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6 Useful Gifts for Your Friends Abroad

Has your friend recently moved abroad? How will you maintain the friendship and make sure the distance does not wipe out the emotions? One way of reconnecting and establishing a strong bond with your pal is by selecting evergreen gifts for occasions, so that he/she will remember you always.

Now, choosing presents for folks overseas could be sometimes challenging, given the cost and time involved. You can choose international flowers delivery to surprise your mate on his/her birthday, or gift a voucher to a food-joint, or subscription to a library.

There are endless options available. Today, we will tell you about best gifts to send to a friend abroad.

  1. Travel Accessories

Even though a person may reside in a different country, he/she may travel often to homeland or elsewhere. Thus, useful travel accessories are a must. Thus, you can present a travel-pillow, eye-mask, power-bank to charge devices, Bluetooth speakers, customized passport cover, foldable backpacks, suitcases, luggage bags etc.

  1. Selfie-stick/Mini Tripod

For an individual who is recently settled abroad, a selfie-stick or mini tripod is a great gift choice. It means they will be able to capture picture of all scenic locales by being present in the snap himself/herself. The mini tripod can be utilized to stabilize a camera and take a picture or video of the surroundings, in a professional manner.

  1. Elegant Floral Arrangements

To wish your buddy good luck, you can opt for floral bouquets and baskets. If the person will check-in to a hotel or a place, and you are aware of the venue, get the flowers delivered to the spot, before he/she reaches. What an overwhelming surprise that would be. You can send flowers worldwide through online florists and outlets along with other additions such as cakes, chocolates, sweets etc.

  1. Souvenirs from the Homeland

It is obvious that sometimes your companion may feel nostalgic for home country. To make him/her feel homely, you can send over local souvenirs, such as coasters bearing print of scenic locales of the city, handmade gifts, local snacks and eatables, a photo album of all the family members and buddies, little personalized items etc.

  1. Memorable Experiences

For someone who does not necessarily want presents but loves having experiences, the ideal gift would be vouchers to concerts, destinations, culinary classes, dance schools, hotel stays, adventures etc. The usual experiences include meals out, spa days, picnics, and Sports Park, etc. According to the person’s residence country and city, you can choose certain activities and purchase vouches of it and gift it, to create memorable experience.

  1. Subscriptions

Moving in a foreign land may be exciting for your comrade. But, it may take some time before he/she becomes acquainted with people there. To make the most of the lonesome moments and to get rid of the boredom, you can purchase a subscription to music and movies stores on the internet. This subscription can be utilized by your dear one to kill the blues and have a happy time, even if alone.

* 3D Pen

Another gift you can give a friend who has recently moved abroad is a 3D pen. A 3D pen is a pen that prints in 3 dimensions. If that’s a bit confusing to you, then don’t worry because 3D pens are relatively new and not everyone has them yet. To make it easier, think of your ordinary glue gun – with coloured glue sticks and a smaller tip. But instead of gluing things together, the colored plastic that oozes out of the pen’s nozzle is used to draw figures and artwork.

It’s sort of like drawing stick figures. The only difference is that you don’t use paper to print them on, but instead just let the figures stand up on their own. The effect is like creating a sculpture in different colors by just using a simple pen!

Don’t waste the time and get the best 3D pen in the world!


Things to Keep in Mind When Sending Gifts Abroad

Here are few considerations when you plan to purchase a gift for a pal abroad.

  • Be careful to note the amount of time taken to reach the package.
  • Certain items when sent to another country have taxes applied. Some items are restricted such as jewellery, but you can purchase it on the internet than sending directly.
  • Check for the international shipping charges when buying goods online.
  • If you are using postal service, then lookout for postage rates. The rates will depend on weight of the package and the destination.

Thus, you may pick from any of the above-given items as gifts to a friend staying abroad.

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