Saturday, November 26, 2022

$500m Allocated to Compensate for Losses of Iranian Transport Companies

Iran’s Minister of Roads and Civil Development says the government has allocated about $500 million to compensate for the losses the transportation companies that suffered damages from the Coronavirus outbreak.

Mohammad Eslami said on Sunday that the companies usually recompense their annual expenses during the Nowruz because these holidays provide financial resources to companies so that they could fully cover their annual expenses.

However, this year, the number of Nowruz trips decreased dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the rail sector, we saw a 94% decrease in travel, and in the aviation sector, we saw a 70% decrease. At the same time, various jobs were identified by the government, and it was announced that unnecessary jobs be closed until the end of the crisis, reiterated Eslami.

“We hope that the money of travellers whose trips have been cancelled will be returned to them soon and in the coming days,” added Eslami in a radio program interview.

Referring to the President’s order to assess the condition of passenger terminals and airports, the roads minister said screening is carried out at the entrances and exits of passenger and cargo terminals.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development emphasised the screening was implemented from the very first days of the outbreak of the Corona disease in passenger terminals, freight terminals, airports and other subdivisions of the ministry.

Currently, disinfection of equipment, control and screening of passengers and crew are among the most important tasks performed properly, he underlined.

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