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Tehran Residents Use 38,000 Litres of Water per Second

Tehran Residents Use 38,000 Litres of Water per Second

Residents of the Iranian capital, Tehran, consume 38 thousands litres of water per second during the burning heat days of this year, a new report says.
Iranians to Take Turkey to The Hague over Wetland Desiccation

Iranians to Take Turkey to The Hague over Wetland Desiccation

Iranians have organized a popular campaign to take Turkey to The Hague over its violation of environmental regulations which have already led to the desiccation of Hoor al-Azim Wetland in western Iran.
Iran Lake Urmia

Iran, Australia to Save Lake Urmia from Drying Out

Iran and Australia are to work together to save Iran’s Lake Urmia, which is almost drying out.
Hirmand River

Afghanistan Violates Treaty with Iran on Border River

In a move in violation of a 1973 treaty with Iran, Afghanistan has refused to supply its neighbor with share of water from the Hirmand River, which rises in Afghanistan and flows through eastern parts of Iran, according to Iran’s Energy Ministry.
Hurolazim Wetland

Return of Life to Major Wetland in Southwestern Iran

The recent rainfalls in southern and southwestern parts of Iran have breathed new life into Hurolazim, one of the biggest and most important wetlands of Iran, which is the Iranian part of a bigger wetland shared with Iraq.

Heavy Rain in Southern Iran Breathes New Life into Maharloo Lake

The recent heavy rainfall in southern Iran have breathed a new life into several shrinking wetlands and lakes including Maharloo Lake, near Shiraz.

Iranian Minister Apologises to Nation for Power Outage

Iran’s Energy Minister apologized the residents of Khuzestan Province in southwestern Iran for power and water cut caused by climatic conditions.

Water Returns to Revive Imperilled River in Central Iran

The floodgates of Zayandehroud Dam were opened on Sunday to allow water to flow into the parched river with the same name.
Art Exhibition

Multimedia Art Exhibition in Tehran Warns People about Threats to Environment

The multimedia art exhibition Jazr [literally ebb tide] is underway in Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, with a focus on environmental issues, water in particular.

Stop Excessive Use of Groundwater: Iranian Minister

Iran’s Energy Minister says the country will run out of groundwater if people continue using it excessively.

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