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US and Saudi Arabia Agree on Allowing ISIS Fighters to Escape Mosul

Based on a deal with Washington, Saudi forces will allow ISIS terrorists to safely retreat from Mosul before the Iraqi city is stormed by US-backed forces, a military source has revealed.
Camp David-Arabs

Iran, Arabs, Israel; a geopolitical parody

In an opinion piece, Sharq daily looks at the Camp David Summit and what dissatisfied Arabs managed to gain in the US presidential retreat.
Camp David

Little expected to come out of Camp David

Alef, an Iranian news website, examines the Camp David Summit and what will come out of it, both for the host and the guests.

Tehran raps as “contradictory” US-Arab Camp David statement

Marzieh Afkham said that the Camp David joint statement exposed the contradiction in the words and deeds of the US and its regional allies.

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