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Secrets behind Trump’s Decision to Relocate US Embassy

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of the Israeli regime seems to be aimed at distracting public opinion inside and outside the US from the “Russiagate”.
US Smuggling Out Syria’s Oil Resources-Turkish Website

US Smuggling Out Syria’s Oil Resources: Turkish Website

A Turkish-language website has revealed that the US forces along with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants are smuggling at least 17,000 barrels of oil out of Syria on a daily basis.

Iraq Summons US Ambassador over Jerusalem Decision

Iraq has summoned the United States’ ambassador to Baghdad to show anger at President Donald Trump's Wednesday recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of Israeli regime.

“US, Allies Outraged by ISIS Defeat in Syria”

A political commentator says sponsors of ISIS are furious that the terrorist group’s domination in Syria has come to an end.

Is Donald Trump Really Crazy?

A political analyst says Trump pretends to be a lunatic like Nixon while seeking a new cold war like Kennedy.

US Needs ‘Mad Trump’ to Proceed with Regional Projects: Iranian General

A top military advisor to Iran’s Leader says US President Donald Trump is pretending to be insane in politics as part of a larger plan in Washington to press ahead with America’s regional projects.

‘Trump’s Unusual Behaviour Precursor to Collapse of US’ Global Power’

A political analyst believes Trump’s unusual words and deeds are a preamble to the collapse of the United States’ global power.

‘Trump Isolated by Own Party, Cabinet Members’

A top Iranian diplomat says Trump is left alone and extremely isolated as many of his Cabinet members are opposed to his policies.
In What Sense Is Las Vegas Shooter Similar to Trump?

In What Sense Is Las Vegas Shooter Similar to Trump?

An Iranian political analyst says the perpetrator behind the Las Vegas massacre was very similar to US President Donald Trump as both have caused bloodshed and killing.

‘Trump; A Wise Guy Pretending to Be Stupid’

An Iranian journalist and political commentator has argued that the US government deliberately portrays Donald Trump as a “stupid and unpredictable” person to take concessions by scaring the enemies and opponents of the United States.

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