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Iran Leader Urges UN to Probe Cases of Rights Violations in US

The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called on the United Nations to condemn the violation of human rights in, and by the United States.

“Trump’s Decision on Iran Deal May Prompt N. Korea to Leave Talks with US”

A political analyst says Trump’s non-compliance with the Iran nuclear deal may prompt the North Korean leader to distrust the US and abandon negotiations with Washington.

Iran State TV to Air Documentary on US-ISIS Cooperation

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) has produced a TV documentary on Washington’s overt and covert support for the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.

Syria Must Fire Missiles at Riyadh, Abu Dhabi: Iranian Analyst

A senior Iranian journalist and commentator says the Syrian army must fire missiles at Riyadh and Abu Dhabi in retaliation for the airstrikes on Syria conducted by a US-led coalition supported by Saudis and Emiratis.

“US-Led Attack on Syria Aimed at Humiliating Russia”

A political analyst says the US-led military action against Syria on Saturday was aimed at humiliating Russia.

Video Shows US Targeted Drug Treatment Centres, Not Chemical Labs

US President Donald Trump lied to the American people after the US military in conjunction with British and French forces, instead of striking alleged “targets associated with chemical weapons” capabilities in Syria, hit a center for producing anti-cancer drugs near Damascus.

OPCW Team en Route to Syria as US Mulls Missile Attack

A fact-finding team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is on its way to Syria to investigate an alleged gas attack, while US President Donald Trump has already accused the Syrian government of being behind it and vowed retaliation against Damascus.

“US-Made Patriot System Can’t Help Saudis Intercept Yemeni Missiles”

A senior Iranian commentator says Saudi Arabia has spent a hefty amount of money to purchase the US-made cutting-edge patriot missiles but what it has received cannot intercept the missiles fired by Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters at the Kingdom.

Trump Flip-Flops on Attacking Syria in Five Years

The American president has contradicted himself clearly by posting two quite different tweets at two points in time.
Iranian Diplomat Says US Seeks to Interfere in Iraqi Elections

Iranian Diplomat Says US Seeks to Interfere in Iraqi Elections

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Pentagon are trying to interfere in Iraq’s upcoming parliamentary elections under the guise of the Arab country’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs), a former Iranian ambassador to Baghdad said.

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