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Iran’s President to Attend UN General Assembly in New York: First VP

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will visit New York City to attend the 71st United Nations General Assembly Session due to be held from September 20 to 26, Iran’s First Vice-President Eshagh Jahangiri announced.
Gholam Ali Khoshrou Iran’s ambassador to Switzerland

Interaction with the world is not a diplomatic compliment

Iran’s ambassador to Switzerland says President Rouhani’s call for interaction with the world is genuine.

Top cleric blasts Cameron anti-Iran remarks

Iran's top cleric has rejected as “sheer lies” recent anti-Iran remarks by British Prime Minister David Cameron at the UN General Assembly

Iran MPs denounce UK Cameron’s allegations against Tehran

Iranian lawmakers have strongly condemned British prime minister’s recent allegations against the Islamic Republic in which he charged Iran with harboring terrorism.
Ali Larijani

Larijani raps British PM for anti-Iran remarks

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani lashes out at British PM David Cameron for his anti-Iran remarks at the UN General Assembly.
Rouhani-general assembly

Terrorism, extremism threatening entire world: Rouhani

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says extremism and violence are threatening the entire Middle East, especially Iran's neighbors, as a result of extremist measures taken by foreign terrorists.

UK: Iran part of solution to fight ISIL in Syria

Iran can help defeat the ISIL terrorists in Syria, British Prime Minister David Cameron has said following talks with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
Iran-Mohammad Javad Zarif

UN must play impartial role in Syria

Iran’s foreign minister says the UN should more actively help Syria reach national consensus.
Rouhani-Iran-UN-Banki moonRouhani-Iran-UN-Banki moon

Powers hegemony world’s biggest problem

Iran’s president says major-power hegemony is the world’s biggest problem.

West must understand Iran is a power

Iran’s president says the West should realize that Iran is a key player in the region.

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