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Certain Regional States Still Supporting Takfiri Terrorism: Iran

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani says certain regional states are still providing Takfiri [radical] terrorism with financial and informational support.

Iran Raps UN for Silence over ISIS Crimes against Assyrians

A lawmaker representing Assyrian and Chaldean Christians in the Iranian Parliament has accused the UN of closing its eyes on the crimes committed by ISIS against Assyrians in the Middle East.

Christian Snipers in Syria, Pain in the Neck for ISIS

A group of Assyrian forces is playing a key role in the Syrian troopers’ operation to retake the city of Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of ISIS in Syria.
Terrorist Attack in Somalian Capital

Iran Condemns Terrorist Attack in Somalian Capital

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has denounced a deadly blast in the Somalian capital of Mogadishu, which has killed and wounded dozens of innocent people.

‘US Creating New ISIS along Iran’s Borders’

A Middle East expert says during the past three years, the US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria has run with the hare and hunted with the hound to provide ISIS with new opportunities to continue its operation along borders of regional countries.
Dawlat Waziri

Afghanistan Welcomes Iran’s Help in Fight against Terror: Defence Ministry

The spokesman for Afghanistan’s Defense Ministry said the Kabul government will accept the military assistance of any country, including Iran, that intends to help in the fight against terrorism.
General Amir Hatami

Iran DM Says IRGC at Forefront of Fight against Terrorism

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami warned against a US plan to label the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terror group, stressing the IRGC is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism.
Iran Can Share Counter-Terror Experiences with Friends: Rouhani

Iran Can Share Counter-Terror Experiences with Friends: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the Islamic Republic is ready to share experiences it has gained in the fight against terrorist groups with friendly countries, including Tanzania.
‘Trump, ISIS Leader So Similar that Can Be Called Twins’

‘Trump, ISIS Leader So Similar that Can Be Called Twins’

An Iranian general says the ideological-behavioral features of Trump bear a striking resemblance to those of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
German Girl Recruited by ISIS

German Girl Recruited by ISIS Explains How She Joined Terrorists

A German teenager who had joined the ISIS terrorist group has explained how she managed to travel from Germany to Turkey and then to Syria and Iraq to fight for the terrorist group.

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