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Tabriz 2018

Iran Preparing to Attract More Tourists through “Tabriz 2018”

The Iranian city of Tabriz in East Azarbaijan Province has been selected by the OIC as the 2018 capital of Islamic Tourism, and the entire country is now getting prepared to host the highest number of tourists through the project Tabriz 2018.

Blue Mosque of Tabriz: Magnificence of 15th-Century Architecture

The Blue Mosque is a famous historic mosque in Tabriz, northwest of Iran. The mosque was constructed in 1465 upon the order of Jahan Shah, the ruler of Kara Koyunlu.

Tabriz Invites Foreign Envoys to Visit Capital of Islamic Tourism

In their first practical step toward promoting the cultural and tourism event known as Tabriz 2018`, the authorities of East Azarbaijan Province invited the ambassadors of several countries to the province late last week.
Iranian City Collecting Child Labourers from Streets (4)

Iranian City Collecting Child Labourers from Streets

An Iranian social welfare official says a special van has started collecting child labourers from the streets of Tabriz in northwestern Iran.

Snowman Festival in Northwestern Iran

People in northwestern Iranian province of East Azarbaijan are used to heavy snowfalls in late autumn and early winter. This year, a snowman festival has attracted many people in the provincial capital of Tabriz.

Saint Stepanos Monastery in Northwestern Iran

The St. Stepanos Monastery, located about 11 km northwest of Jolfa in East Azerbaijan Province, is the second most important Armenian monastery in Iran.

Heavy snow covers Kandovan village (PHOTOS)

The inhabitants of troglodyte homes, excavated inside volcanic rocks and tuffs, in Kandovan village of East Azerbaijan province, spend winter days under heavy snow. The following images have been released by Mehr News Agency:    

Tabriz, best Iranian city to live in

Two years ago, the World Health Organization named Tabriz as the healthiest and most hygienic city in Iran.
Sculpture Symposium00

National Sculpture Symposium in northwestern Iran (PHOTOS)

Some 30 sculptors compete at the 22-day Sculpture Symposium which opened in Tabriz on August 23.
Maragheh Temple0

Maragheh Temple in northwestern Iran (PHOTOS)

The temple which dates back to the Parthian era was the largest Zoroastrian place of worship during that period.

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