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‘Iran Adopting Realistic Approach toward Social Networks’

Iran’s culture minister says a confrontational approach will be ineffective in dealing with social networks and cyberspace in the country.

What Iranians Do in 180,000 Telegram Channels

Iranian Intelligence Minister announced that there are 180,000 active Telegram channels in Iran, 90% of which are used for social relations.

Use of Telegram Banned in Iran’s Government Offices

Abdul-Samad Khoramabadi, an Iranian judiciary official, said the state-run institutions that make use of Telegram in their administrative affairs will be indicted for breaking the law. According to a report by ISNA, as translated by...
Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi

ICT Minister: Leakage of Irancell Database Nothing New

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi referred to the recent leakage of personal information belonging to 20 million users of an Iranian cell phone operator, and noted that the database had been leaked out over 2 years ago.

ICT Minister Posts on Instagram, Defends New Social Media

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Updates his own Instagram Page, Defending the New Generation of Social Media

One Telegram Message Brings 50 People to Hospital

A family member of a patient who was in need of a blood donation in Babol Hospital attracted 50 people with a single Telegram message.

Iran busts Facebook band involved in criminal acts

The Internet group had a mission to spread corruption, change the Iranian lifestyle and target the families across the country.
Iran Police chief: Ahmadi Moghadam

I disagree with blocking social networks

Iran’s police chief says he disapproves of blocking social networking websites.

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