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Eram Garden, an Image of Paradise

Este hermoso jardín se encuentra en la ciudad de Shiraz Irán, y ofrece a todos sus visitantes una vista espectacular.

Tourists Visiting Shiraz in Spite of Summer Heat

Iranian and foreign tourists still choose Shiraz as the destination of their visits despite the high temperature in the southern Iranian city. Shiraz, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Iran, is well-known for...

Mountain Bike National Championships in Shiraz

Mountain Bike National Championships were held on Saturday morning in Shiraz, Fars province.    

Shapouri House in Shiraz

Shapouri House is an early 20th-century Persian building and garden in the city of Shiraz, Fars province. This mansion was registered as a national building in 2000.    

Nowruz celebration in Shiraz (PHOTOS)

Iranians gathered in Hafezieh, tomb of Hafez, to celebrate the Nowruz on Sunday in Shiraz. The following images have been released by Mehr News Agency:    

Germany’s Leipzig String Concert in Shiraz’s Vakil Historical Bath

Germany’s Leipzig String Quartet performed in the Vakil Bath cultural-historical complex in Shiraz on Sunday evening.

Nasir al-Mulk or Pink Mosque, Shiraz (PHOTOS)

Build by an order from Mirza Hassan Ali Kahn, known as Nasir al-Mulk, one of the most prominent magnates in the southern city of Shiraz, the mosque took 12 years to complete in 1870s...

Umbrella alley in Shiraz (PHOTOS)

A shopping mall in Shiraz, Fars province in Iran, has a ceiling covered by hundreds of colorful umbrellas giving pedestrians a nice shade and something cool to look at.    

The cooking of 80-ton pottage in Shiraz (PHOTOS)

Cooking pottage and distributing it as votive food is an age-old tradition to mark the demise anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad.

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