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Ottawa ‘Concerned’ about Riyadh’s Use of Canadian Equipment against Saudis

Ottawa ‘Deeply Concerned’ about Riyadh’s Use of Canadian Equipment against Saudis

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s department says she is “deeply concerned” about the reports that Saudi Arabia is deploying Canadian-made armoured vehicles in an escalating conflict with Saudi citizens.

Iraq’s Political Parties Need Sea Changes: Analyst

A political commentator has discussed the latest developments in Iraqi parties, saying the Arab country’s political landscape requires drastic changes.
Snipers Injure Scores of Civilians in Saudi Arabia's Qatif

Snipers Injure Scores of Civilians in Saudi Arabia’s Qatif

Saudi snipers have opened fire at unarmed women and children in their houses in al-Awamiyah village in the kingdom’s oil-rich and Shiite-populated Eastern Province.

Car Bomb Hits Shiite-Majority City in Saudi Arabia

A car bomb has exploded in the predominantly Shia city of Qatif in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, with initial reports of casualties.
Children of Syria’s Foua, Kefraya Not Attractive to World Media

Children of Syria’s Foua, Kefraya Not Attractive to World Media

Western media run coverage of deadly attacks in Syria only when they can make political capital out of the incidents, and play down the massacres which do not serve their interests.

Ayatollah Shahroudi raps Riyadh for irrational stance on Nigeria

Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi said killing innocent Shiites in a country that has about 15 million Shiites and an apparent Muslim government is a painful crime against Islam.

Iran urges justice for perpetrators of Nigeria Muslim killings

Ali-Akbar Velayati expressed “deep regret and sorrow” over the Nigerian army’s recent “brutal attack” on Shiite Muslims in that country.

Iranians Stage Rally in Protest at Shiite Killings in Nigeria

A group of Iranian people held a rally in front of the Nigerian embassy in Tehran on Tuesday to condemn the heavy crackdown against Shiite Muslims in the African country in recent days and the Nigerian army’s massacre of dozens of Shiites.
Nigerian Army

Who pulls the strings behind clampdown on Nigerian Shiites?

The Nigerian government is in cahoots with the Western powers, the Zionist regime and Takfiri-Salafi groups to push the Shiites to the sidelines or eliminate them.
US and Britain are promoting Tatbir

US and Britain are promoting Tatbir: Scholar

An Iranian scholar says that the US and Britain that associate Shiism with violent acts such as Tatbir are the real promoters of such violence.

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