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FIFA to Sue Saudi Channel for Illegally Broadcasting World Cup

FIFA, the governing body of association football, said on Wednesday it has engaged legal counsel to take action in Saudi Arabia against television channel beoutQ, which is widely available in the kingdom, for continuing to illegally broadcast the 2018 World Cup.

Bin Salman Holds Secret Meeting with Netanyahu in Jordan: Report

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has secretly met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Royal Jordanian Palace during his recent visit to Amman, a media report says.

Saudi Arabia Committing War Crime in Yemen: Amnesty Int’l

The Amnesty International has accused the Saudi-led coalition of committing war crimes by blocking the delivery of food, fuel and aid during its aggression on Hudaydah in Yemen’s western coast.

Saudi Arabia Spending $750 Million to Turn Qatar into Island

Saudi Arabia is sacrificing a portion of its territory and spending nearly $750 million to dig a 60-kilometre canal that will turn Qatar into an island.

Saudi-led Coalition Forces Bogged Down Outside Hudaydah: Houthis

Yemen's Houthis have dismissed reports that Saudi-led forces had seized the airport in the Red Sea port city of Hudaydah, saying the aggressors were on the retreat on all front lines.

UK Diplomat Says Bahrain Has Turned into US, Saudi Colony

The United Kingdom’s former envoy to Bahrain Peter Ford says the island state has almost become a colony of Saudi Arabia and the US which exactly follows their foreign policy on regional affairs, including the issue of Iran.

Bin Salman to End Rumours by Making Media Appearance: Source

The 32-year-old Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is possibly going to make a media appearance soon to scotch rumours that he has been injured in an April 21 shooting incident in Riyadh, said the Saudi whistleblower Mujtahidd.
Qatar Bans Citizens from Buying, Selling Saudi-Made Goods

Qatar Bans Citizens from Buying, Selling Saudi-Made Goods

The Qatari government has banned its citizens from buying or selling goods made in a Saudi-led group of countries that maintain a blockade on the country, in a move that further shatters hopes for the settlement of the political crisis.

Saudi Princes Arrested in 2017 Purge in “Humiliating Situation”

The Saudi princes targeted in an anti-corruption campaign inside the kingdom are living in a “very humiliating situation”, said a dissident Saudi prince, adding that monitoring devices are fitted to their legs so Saudi leaders can monitor their movement.

State-Run Saudi Outlet Publishes Photos of Bin Salman in Bid to Dispel Rumours

The Saudi national news agency published photos of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, apparently in a bid to quash speculations about the whereabouts of the 32-year-old hair to the Saudi throne who has not been seen in public since an April 21 shooting incident in Riyadh.

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