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Hariri’s Interview Just Like Confession under Torture: Analyst

Hariri’s Interview Just Like Confession under Torture: Analyst

A senior political commentator says Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s recent interview in Saudi Arabia was like making confessions under torture.
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Iraq to Postpone Saudi Crown Prince’s Visit to Baghdad: Report

A source close to the Iraqi prime minister says Baghdad is not ready to host Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and has decided to postpone his planned visit to the country.
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Posters of Saudi Crown Prince Burned Down in Lebanon

Unidentified people have burned down posters of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman in the northern provinces of Lebanon.

Two Analyses on Recent Developments in Saudi Arabia

A political commentator has put forward two possible scenarios regarding the events unfolding in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh to Allow Hariri to Pay Short Visit to Beirut: Report

Media reports say that Riyadh is going to allow Saad Hariri, the Lebanese premier who declared his resignation in Saudi Arabia, to have a short visit to Beirut before leaving for Europe, where he is supposed to live for the rest of his life.

Hariri under Pressure throughout Resignation Video: Expert

A body language expert says former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was visibly in distress throughout a video reading out his resignation letter.
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Concept of “Moderate” Islam Originates in West: Turkey’s Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has lashed out at Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for pledging to make Saudi Arabia a bastion of “moderate Islam”, saying the concept is a false one originated from the West.

“Non-Interference in Saudi Domestic Developments in Iran’s Interests”

A political analyst says Iran should not intervene in Saudi Arabia’s internal developments at this juncture when the country is passing through its transition period.

Lebanon Country of Democracy, Elections, Not Allegiance: Minister

The Lebanese interior minister has blasted reports claiming that Bahaa Hariri, Saad's older brother, might take the helm instead of him, saying that such allegations mirror a mentality of ignorance and retardation.
Is Iran Capable of Sending Missiles to Yemen?

Is Iran Capable of Sending Missiles to Yemen?

An analyst says Yemen is under a total blockade and it is impossible to send even medicines to that country, let alone missiles.

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