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Libya’s Army Chief Meets Russian Defence Minister in Moscow

Russian sources revealed that the Libyan army chief, General Khalifa Haftar has met with Russian Defence Minister, General Sergei Shoigu in Moscow to discuss the situation in Libya and the possibilities for military cooperation.

Erdogan Asks Putin to Stop Syrians from Striking Turkish Forces

 Ankara has spoken with Russia to probe a reported Syrian air strike that killed four Turkish soldiers on Nov. 24, the first anniversary of Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet along the border with Syria.

Saudi Prince Says He’ll Finance Israel and Arab States to Invade Russia!

A Saudi prince has threatened that if the Russian president does not come back to the negotiating table, he will finance Israel and Arab countries to invade Russia.
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Terrorists Fire Shells at Area near Russian Embassy in Damascus

Four shells fired by the Jaysh al-Islam terrorists hit the Al-Mazraa area in Damascus where the Russian embassy is located.

Russia Hands Over to UNSC “White paper” on US-Led Coalition’s Crimes in Syria

Russia circulated in the UN Security Council a “White paper” on Syria, which reveals the crimes committed by the US-led coalition and opposition groups in the war-torn Syria.

Russian Campaign Saved Syria from ‘Becoming Part of New Ottoman Empire'

Moscow's operation saved Syria from "being cut into pieces and becoming a part of a new Ottoman Empire", the PYD told Sputnik.

US Apologizes to Bashar Assad for Airstrike on Syrian Troops

Russian Foreign Minister says the United States has apologized to Syrian President Bashar Assad for the airstrike on the Syrian Army positions in Deir ez-Zor.

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