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Laft Village, the port of windcatcher

Laft, which is a small, beautiful village on Qeshm Island, was registered as a national site in 2006.

Tala Water Wells (Tal Eau)

There are 366 wells forming Tala Water wells, equal to the number of days in a leap year; each day people used the water of one well.

Tourian Village (PHOTOS)

Vegetable cultivation, sunflower farms and beautiful palm groves are among the tourist attractions of Tourian Village.

Qeshm Island and its tourist attractions

Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf has multiple attractions to absorb more domestic and foreign tourists.

Naz Island, one of Qeshm’s Seven Wonders

Naz Island is the only place tourists can wade on foot or by car one km into the Persian Gulf waters.

Namakdan (Salt Shaker) Cave; a salty attraction in the Persian Gulf

The salt in Namakdan Cave is among the best common salt which is rich in magnesium and can be used for medical purposes.

Aali Mohammad Valley; Abnama or Sangab Valley

Aali Mohammad Valley which is located in the western part of Qeshm island spans along a north-south line.

Tem-e Sonnati

Tem-e Sonnati was likely to be the temple of Mithraism and the place of worship for the god of Mehr or Mithra prior to the Seljuq dynasty.

Hara Forests on Qeshm Island (PHOTOS)

The Hara Forests in Qeshm are an important ecological resource in southern Iran.

Valley of Stars on Qeshm Island (PHOTOS)

Residents in southern Iran believe that the Valley of Stars on Qeshm Island has been named after a falling star centuries ago.

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