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Mr. Rouhani, admit that you don’t know the US

Dariush Sajjadi, a reformist blogger, challenges Rouhani’s call for a referendum, saying people’s direct vote will do little to make a breakthrough nuclear deal a reality.
Mehdi Fazaeli

Points which we missed on ‘referendum’ proposal

Mehdi Fazaeli has taken a look at the Constitution and the conditions in which it allows a referendum, stressing the inviolability of the Constitution.
Armane Emrooz-1-6

What is the president concerned about?

A former Iranian ambassador to the UN elaborates on the problems the Rouhani government faces and the reasons why the president is concerned.
President Rouhani

Reactions by reformists and principlists to Rouhani’s call for referendum

President Rouhani's proposal for referendum on key state questions has drawn strong reactions from political activists, reformist and principlist alike.

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