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International conference on Palestinian Intifada

Muslim States Urged to Close Embassies in US If Trump Moves Embassy to Jerusalem

The participants of an international conference held in Tehran to support Palestine called on Muslim countries to shut down their embassies in the United States if Trump relocates the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
south africa’s president

President Zuma Calls on South Africans to Show Solidarity with Palestinians

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has called on South Africans not to visit Israel in order to show solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Shimon Peres Reminds Us of Burning Bodies in Qana: British Analyst

Robert Fisk, the well-known British journalist and Middle East expert, says the former Israeli PM Shimon Peres was no 'peacemaker', as Western officials are calling him after his recent death.
Iranian Foreign Ministry

Iran: Victory of Palestinians Result of Firm Resistance

The Iranian Foreign Ministry in a statement hailed the Israeli-Palestinian truce as a victory gained over the Zionist regime through the resistance of the people in Gaza.
Palestian is happy

Palestinians Joy as Israel Agrees Gaza Truce

Thousands of Palestinians celebrated in Gaza after Israel and Palestinian groups agreed an open-ended ceasefire to end seven weeks of fighting in the Gaza Strip.

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