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Recovery of Iran’s Shrinking Lake Urmia on Track despite Setbacks

The 10% decrease in precipitation within Urmia's catchment area during the current water year (started Sept. 22) compared to the previous year has hindered the lake's restoration.
Ségolène Royal-Urmia

French Minister Visits Iran’s Lake Urmia

French Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal paid an aerial visit to the shrinking Lake Urmia in Northwestern Iran.
Iran Lake Urmia

Iran-Japan Joint Operation to Revive Lake Urmia

An Iranian official announced that Japan is ready to help restore Iran’s shrinking Lake Urmia and the joint operation will start in a few days.
Iran Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia Is Now Stabilized: Top Official

Head of Iran's Department of Environment hailed the recent measures taken by the Urmia Lake Restoration Program to revive the dried-out lake in northwestern Iran.

Gradual Revival of Artemia Paints Lake Urmia Red

Increased activity of Artemia brine shrimps and a few other aquatic creatures has changed the colour of Lake Urmia into red.

Iran Invites DiCaprio to Visit Lake Urmia

After the famous Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio posted a warning message on his Instagram account, the Urmia Lake Restoration Program (LURP) invited him to visit the dried-up lake in northwest of the country.

Endangered Bird Lands in Lake Urmia

Officials from Lake Urmia National Park have observed 40 spoonbills on Ordushahi Island for the first time in recent years.

Return of the Flamingo to Lake Urmia after 28 Years

A flamingo chick, which was last spotted and marked in Lake Urmia in 1988, has returned to its birthplace after 28 years – but it almost died due to the misbehaviour of some hunters.

Lake Orumiyeh’s surface area is growing

Lake Orumiyeh, one of the largest salt lakes in the world, has been ravaged by severe droughts in recent years; 90 percent of its surface area has dried up.

Norway, Iran to study water transfer from Caspian Sea to Lake Orumiyeh

Under an MoU between Iran and a Norwegian company, the latter will study the ecological and environmental side-effects of transferring water from the Caspian Sea to Lake Orumiyeh.

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