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Tourists Visiting Revived Lake Urmia in NW Iran

Thanks to the efforts made in the past few years, Lake Urmia in northwestern Iran is being gradually revived, bringing more tourists to a body of water that had shrunk to 10% of its former size.
Iran Lake Urmia

Iran, Australia to Save Lake Urmia from Drying Out

Iran and Australia are to work together to save Iran’s Lake Urmia, which is almost drying out.
Lake Urmia Inflow Boosted Thanks to Heavy Rainfall

Lake Urmia Inflow Boosted Thanks to Heavy Rainfall

Following heavy rainfall in West Azarbaijan Province over the past several days, some 80 million cubic meters of water have flowed into Urmia Lake.
Akie Abe, Japanese PM’s Wife Lauds Iranian Women as Capable, Successful

Japanese PM’s Wife Lauds Iranian Women as Capable, Successful   

Japanese prime minister’s wife says Iranian women are quite capable and completely successful in their social activities, and easily express their opinions and viewpoints in the society.
erik Solheim

Iran’s Dust Pollution Originates from ISIS-Controlled Areas: UN

A top UN official says the ongoing dust and particulate pollution in southwestern Iran originates from outside the country, particularly areas controlled by the ISIS terrorist group.

Recovery of Iran’s Shrinking Lake Urmia on Track despite Setbacks

The 10% decrease in precipitation within Urmia's catchment area during the current water year (started Sept. 22) compared to the previous year has hindered the lake's restoration.
Ségolène Royal-Urmia

French Minister Visits Iran’s Lake Urmia

French Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal paid an aerial visit to the shrinking Lake Urmia in Northwestern Iran.
Iran Lake Urmia

Iran-Japan Joint Operation to Revive Lake Urmia

An Iranian official announced that Japan is ready to help restore Iran’s shrinking Lake Urmia and the joint operation will start in a few days.
Iran Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia Is Now Stabilized: Top Official

Head of Iran's Department of Environment hailed the recent measures taken by the Urmia Lake Restoration Program to revive the dried-out lake in northwestern Iran.
Iran Lake Urmia

Gradual Revival of Artemia Paints Lake Urmia Red

Increased activity of Artemia brine shrimps and a few other aquatic creatures has changed the colour of Lake Urmia into red.

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