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Real Oil Price is over $70 per Barrel: Iranian MP

An Iranian lawmaker said the real oil price is more than $70 per barrel, and urged the OPEC’s member states to agree on adopting an effective strategy in their upcoming meeting in Vienna to raise the crude value by preserving the balance in oil production.

Oil Price Soars as OPEC Members Agree on Output Cut

Oil price has surged to one-month high after OPEC agreed to reduce its output by more than 1 million barrels a day.
Iran Leader and Maduro

Oil Price Drop Leverage to Pressure US-Independent States: Ayatollah Khamenei

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the decrease in global oil prices was leverage to exert pressure on countries that are independent from the United States.

Iran’s oil exports hit pre-sanctions high[:es]La exportación del petróleo de Irán alcanza el nivel...

Reports say Iran has already been able to increase its oil exports to levels that existed before sanctions were imposed on the country in 2011.  [:es]Las exportaciones totales del crudo y gas condensado de Irán en el mes de septiembre tuvieron un alcance de 2,8 millones de barriles diarios, Esta cifra es casi igual a las de las exportaciones de petróleo en el 2011, antes de la imposición de las sanciones internacionales contra Irán un gran productor de la OPEP.

Iran Says Higher Global Oil Prices Essential[:fa]Rohani y Maduro apuestan por mejorar el precio...

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says oil producing countries must take decisions to increase the oil price at international markets.[:es]Los Mandatarios de Teherán y Caracas han apostado por tomar medidas concretas destinadas a modificar el precio del crudo.

Saudis Recognize Iran’s Exemption from Oil Freeze

OPEC member states have achieved an agreement to control production cap, a decision which immediately impacted the markets with oil prices improving.

Iran Now Has the Edge in Fight over Oil Prices with Saudi Arabia: Report

In an article, Bloomberg has discussed the recent developments in the oil market, particularly the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Iranian Parliament Endorses New Oil Contract Model

Iran’s parliament has reportedly given the go-ahead to the government to put a new oil contract model into effect.

Temperature Rise Cause Saudi Crude Oil Exports to Plummet

After a considerable temperature rise, Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports have dramatically declined as the country’s power plants must consume higher amounts of crude oil to cope with the increased demand of the hot season.

Iran Supports Moves to Improve Oil Price: Zangeneh

Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh said Tehran supports any move to stabilize the situation in the international crude oil market and improve the price of the product.

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