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Nowruz celebration in Shiraz (PHOTOS)

Iranians gathered in Hafezieh, tomb of Hafez, to celebrate the Nowruz on Sunday in Shiraz. The following images have been released by Mehr News Agency:    

Carpet washing (PHOTOS)

Many Tehran citizens head to Cheshmeh Ali neighborhood, city of Rey, southern Tehran, in the final days of the year to wash their carpets and rugs. The following images have been released by Mehr News Agency:    

Tehran flower garden

Flowers are seen on the eve of Nowrouz in Shahid Mahallati Flower Market in southeastern Tehran, where over five million flowers are traded in the market on a daily basis. The following images have been...

Street Performances Herald the New Year

The Persian New Year, or Nowrouz, is celebrated on the Spring Equinox, and heralds a period of new life and growth. In the weeks leading up to it, a traditional character called Haji Firouz...

Rouhani congratulates leaders of regional states on Nowruz

The Iranian president has said that Nowruz can help develop friendly ties among nations which celebrate the occasion.
Haft Seen - Iranian New Year

Haft Seen: a permanent fixture of Iranian New Year

A time-honored tradition associated with Nowruz [which means New Day in Farsi] is preparing Haft Seen.

Ayatollah Khamenei urges closer ties between nation, govt. to promote advances

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called on the Iranian nation and government to develop closer ties in a bid to promote advances in the country.

Rouhani vows to increase job opportunities, non-oil exports

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has vowed to increase job opportunities and non-oil exports in the new Iranian year.

Nowruz, a centuries-old tradition that has kept us together

If the underlying messages of Nowruz are promoted, disputes, cruelty and insatiable greed will die down in society.

Geopolitics of Nowruz

Attempts to have the language of Farsi eliminated will lead to exclusion of an important part of culture from the history of regional countries.

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