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Rouhani’s Gov’t Reacts to Mirsalim’s Claim on Free Access to Information

Rouhani’s Gov’t Reacts to Mirsalim’s Claim on Free Access to Information

An Iranian official has rejected the remarks by Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim, one of Iran’s six presidential hopefuls, who blamed President Hassan Rouhani’s administration for its alleged failure to fully approve and implement the law on free access to information.

Considerable Growth of Foreign Media’s Presence in Iran in Rouhani’s Gov’t

An Iranian media official announced that foreign media outlets have considerably increased their presence in Iran during President Hassan Rouhani’s term, particularly after the recent nuclear deal. “Under President Rouhani’s term, especially after the JCPOA,...
Religious Minorities Can Improve Iran's Global Image: Minister

Intelligence Ministry Refutes Sending Threatening Messages to Journalists

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry categorically denied sending threatening text messages to a large number of journalists, and described it as an unprofessional move.
Foreign Media Working in Iran

153 Accredited Foreign Media Working in Iran: Official Report

The Foreign Media Department of Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced that there are 153 accredited foreign radio and TV stations, newspapers, news agencies, and photo agencies working in Iran.

Brexit Widely Covered by Iranian Newspapers on Saturday

IFP has prepared a report on how Iranian newspapers covered Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, commonly referred to as Brexit, on their Saturday headlines and editorials.

MP: Boycotting the press was an auspicious phenomenon

Tehran MP Ali Motahari has said that by boycotting the press exhibition the principlist media have acknowledged that protest and opposition are not off-limits in the Islamic Republic.

President Rouhani calls for transparent media and regulations

President Rouhani said with transparent regulations in place, individuals cannot use a single word or a sentence as a pretext to toy with press freedom.

It’s a pity that certain media are no-shows in press exhibition

A presidential advisor has ruled out reports of government’s decision to stop certain media from participating in press exhibition, saying that lying is not a good means to achieve our goals.
Hossein Entezami

Crackdown on corruption is possible through transparency, not threats to air people’s dirty linen...

The deputy culture minister says the new law on freedom of information is expected to revolutionize the way the state interacts with citizens.
Ali Jannati at 20th Press Exhibition

Government intervention in media runs counter to principles of sustainable security: Iranian Minister

Ali Jannati says commitment to the truth and independence in decision-making without factional bias constitute the much sought-after freedom of the press.

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