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Iranian Conservative Paper Officially Warned for Belligerent Headline

The conservative newspaper Kayhan has received an official warning by the body that supervises the Iranian press for its Monday headline about the next target of Yemeni missiles.

Iranian Media Should Not Be Mouthpiece of US Baloney: Larijani

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has called on Iranian media outlets not to turn into a vehicle for the US officials’ nonsense remarks.
Afghan Journalists Slam BBC for Divisive News

Afghan Journalists Slam BBC for Divisive News

The Afghanistan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) has harshly criticized BBC’s reports on the country, saying that it will not allow the British Broadcasting Corporation to continue such divisive process.
Dr. Hossein Entezami

Iran Calls for Expansion of Media Ties with Azerbaijan

An Iranian official says cultural diplomacy can pave the way for promotion of ties between the Iranian and Azerbaijani nations.
Press TV's Cameraman Missing after Kabul Bombing

Press TV’s Cameraman Missing after Kabul Bombing

Press TV's cameraman has gone missing in Afghanistan after a massive bomb blast in Kabul claimed the lives of at least 90 people and injured hundreds of others.
Rouhani’s Gov’t Reacts to Mirsalim’s Claim on Free Access to Information

Rouhani’s Gov’t Reacts to Mirsalim’s Claim on Free Access to Information

An Iranian official has rejected the remarks by Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim, one of Iran’s six presidential hopefuls, who blamed President Hassan Rouhani’s administration for its alleged failure to fully approve and implement the law on free access to information.
Revolution anniversary

Reuters Tries to Understate Significance of Friday Rallies in Iran

In a politically-oriented report, Reuters claimed that only “hundreds of thousands” of Iranians rallied on the anniversary of the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution on Friday, February 10, and merely to reject US President Donald Trump's anti-Iran threats.

Considerable Growth of Foreign Media’s Presence in Iran in Rouhani’s Gov’t

An Iranian media official announced that foreign media outlets have considerably increased their presence in Iran during President Hassan Rouhani’s term, particularly after the recent nuclear deal. “Under President Rouhani’s term, especially after the JCPOA,...
BBC World News

Iran Can Consider BBC World’s Request for Opening Office in Tehran: Official

Spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Hossein Nooshabadi announced that Tehran is ready to consider a possible request by the world service of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for opening its office in Iran.
Religious Minorities Can Improve Iran's Global Image: Minister

Intelligence Ministry Refutes Sending Threatening Messages to Journalists

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry categorically denied sending threatening text messages to a large number of journalists, and described it as an unprofessional move.

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