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US Favours Separation of Kurdistan Region from Iraq

US Favours Separation of Kurdistan Region from Iraq: Analyst

A political commentator says Washington would like to see Iraq’s Kurdistan Region separated from the country.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Kordestan Province

Kordestan province in western Iran is widely known for its beautiful landscapes, the unique architecture of its villages, and its historic buildings and monuments.
Nazem Dabbagh

Kurdish Envoy Blasts Turkey’s Policies, Hails Iran’s Support

The representative of Iraqi Kurdistan in Tehran has strongly criticized Turkey’s unfriendly policies, and termed Iran an all-time supporter of Kurds.
Kurdistan-Iraq-Hoisting Non-Iraqi Flags in Kirkuk Can Cause Tension: Iran

Hoisting Non-Iraqi Flags in Kirkuk Can Cause Tension: Iran

Raising any flags other than that of Iraq in the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk is against the Arab country’s Constitution and can create tensions, Iran’s foreign ministry says.

Conditioned Freedom in Iraqi Kurdistan

As a rampart against the ISIS, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is backed by the international community in its fight against terrorism; however, the Kurdish authority represses dissenting voices.

Iraqi Politician Blames Iran for Twin Bomb Attacks on Kurdish Party HQ in Erbil

Two explosions on Tuesday night targeting the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDP-I) headquarters in Koya have killed at least seven people, and wounded several others.
Joanna Palani

ISIS Offers $1 Million Bounty for Killing Kurdish Girl of Iranian Origin

ISIS-affiliated media said the extremist group had set a one-million-dollar reward for killing a Danish-Kurdish girl of Iranian origin who has joined Kurdish Peshmarga in the fight against ISIS terrorists.
Javad Salehi

Kurds in Turkey Will Resort to Violence in Near Future: Expert

Javad Salehi, an expert in international affairs, says the developments in Turkey today will result in growing violence, particularly given the crackdown on Kurdish politicians.
Haider Abadi

Iraqi Gov’t Confirms Kurdish Forces’ Withdrawal from Lands Retaken From ISIS

The Iraqi government’s agreement with Kurdistan over the withdrawal of Kurdish Peshmerga forces from the regions recaptured from ISIS remains unchanged.

Leader’s Military Aide Warns Iraqi Kurdistan against Cooperation with Iran’s Enemies[:es]Irán advierte a Kurdistán...

A top military aide to Iran’s Leader warned officials of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, especially the Barzanis, against cooperation with Iran's enemies and terrorists.[:es] Un Alto comandante militar de Irán advirtió a los funcionarios de la región iraquí de Kurdistán, en especial a familia Barzani, en contra de la cooperación con los terroristas y enemigos de Irán.

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