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Cruise Ship Berthed at Iran's Kish Island Preparing for First Voyage

Cruise Ship Berthed at Iran’s Kish Island Preparing for First Voyage

Sunny, the first-ever cruise ship to dock at Kish Island in nearly 40 years, is scheduled to make its maiden voyage today.
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Iran’s Kish Island Hosts Cable Ski Tournament

The final round of a cable ski tournament was held in Kish Island, southern Iran, on Friday.
Exhibition- Gold-Jewellery

2nd Int’l Exhibition of Gold, Jewellery and Gem Stones Underway in Iran’s Kish Island

The Second International Exhibition of Gold, Jewellery, Silver watch, Gem Stones and Related Industries is being held in Kish Island, southern Iran.
Iran Air Show

Iran Air Show Underway in Kish Island[:es]La VIIIª Feria Internacional del Aire y la...

The 8th edition of Iran Air Show started work on November 16 in the Persian Gulf Island of Kish and will display the latest capabilities of aviation and aerospace industries until November 19.[:es]La 8ª Exposición Internacional del Aire y la Aviación está en desarrollo en la isla de Kish, en el sur de Irán.
Carnival of Happiness-Kish

Carnival of Happiness in Iran’s Kish Island

Every summer, a huge festival is held in the Persian Gulf island of Kish in southern Iran to attract Iranian and foreign tourists. The ‘Carnival of Happiness’ is part of the summer festival this...
Kariz Underground City 00

Kariz Underground City in Iran’s Kish Island

The aqueducts of Kish Island in the Persian Gulf date back to 2,500 years ago. It once provided the islanders' drinking water. Today, it is transformed into an amazing underground city, with an area...

Water skiing competitions in Kish

The qualifying competitions of Iran’s national water skiing team was held in Kish Island of Persian Gulf on Friday.    

Motorcycle Stunt Riding

Motorcycle Stunt Riding was held on Tuesday in Kish Island.    

Gorgeous sunset on Kish Island(PHOTOS)

The coral-rimmed, oval-shaped Island of Kish off the southern coast of Iran shines a fiery orange in the sunset, creating a unique and fascinating sight.    
Hahrireh Town10

800-year-old town in Kish (PHOTOS)

The town which sat on a 120 hectare expanse of land was once a developed population center home to a large number of residents.

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