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All Anti-Iran Plots Backfired on US, Israel: IRGC Commander

A senior Iranian military commander says the Islamic Republic has managed to thwart all of the plots hatched by its enemies, mainly the Israeli regime and the US.

US Didn’t Dare to Attack Iran Although It Was Likely to Do So: IRGC...

The IRGC commander says the US was ready to attack Iran in mid-2000s, but they didn’t dare to invade the country.

New Evidence Shows Saudi Arabia and Israel Assassinated Rafic Hariri

A senior US Senator says he has found new evidence that shows the roles of Riyadh and Tel Aviv in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

US, Israel behind Massacre of Civilians in Yemeni Capital: IRGC Commander

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh condemned the recent massacre of civilians in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a by the Saudi regime and said the US and Israeli regimes were behind the attack.

UAE Official Urges Arab Leaders: Let Zionists Have Their Own State!

Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan, the head of general security for the Emirate of Dubai, once again made controversial remarks and sparked anger among social media users by urging Arab countries to compromise with the Zionist regime [Israel].
Ali Larijani Iran's Speaker

Iran’s Larijani: US, Israel Fanning Flames of Takfiri Crisis in Region

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani slammed the US for its insincerity in the fight against Takfiri terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) in the Middle East, saying the Washington and Tel Aviv regimes are seeking to spread insecurity in the region.

PA President’s Advisor: Even Prophet Muhammad Would Attend Shimon Peres’ Funeral!

An advisor to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says if Prophet Muhammad was alive, he would do the same and attend the former Israeli PM’s funeral.

US Police Brutality Result of Israeli Training: Kevin Barrett

An American political commentator in Madison said US police brutality disproportionately targets minorities, especially African-Americans, adding that blacks are treated the way Israel oppresses Palestinians as American law enforcement officers receive their training in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Has Accepted the Reality of Hezbollah’s Power: Iranian Official

An Iranian official stressed that the key to success of Palestinian people is resistance and struggle with the greed Israel.

Shimon Peres Reminds Us of Burning Bodies in Qana: British Analyst

Robert Fisk, the well-known British journalist and Middle East expert, says the former Israeli PM Shimon Peres was no 'peacemaker', as Western officials are calling him after his recent death.

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