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Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis

Iraqi Forces Kill 2,000 ISIS Elements, Retake Hundreds of Villages

An Iraqi commander says the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have retaken around 14,000 kilometres of their country’s soil, including nearly 360 villages in western Mosul in northern Iraq, from the ISIS terrorists.
Abu Azreal Spotted on Syria-Iraq Border

ISIS Terrorists’ Nightmare Spotted on Syria-Iraq Border

A recently-released video shows “Abu Azreal”, the famous commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU), on the border between Syria and Iraq.
Walls in Iraq Are No More Dark

Walls in Iraq Are No More Dark

An Iraqi artist says his profession was regarded as a crime during the ISIS rule, when the terrorist group’s black flag was seen on all the walls, but the dark walls are now gone.

30% of West Mosul Retaken from ISIS: Commander

An Iraqi commander announced that the country’s forces have retaken around 30 percent of west Mosul from ISIS militants, as soldiers are pushing into more districts
ISIS Leader scaped

ISIS Leader May Have Escaped Iraq’s Mosul

The ISIS terrorist group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has once again slipped through the fingertips of Iraqi forces and allied troops controlling the area around Mosul, Iraq.
western Mosul

US Airstrike Kills 33 Iraqis Taken Hostage by ISIS

A US-led coalition warplane has ‘mistakenly’ fired two missiles into a train station, where several Iraqi captives held by ISIS as hostage were held.

ISIS Uses Chemical Weapons in Iraq’s Mosul: Red Cross

Several residents of the war-torn Iraqi city of Mosul were treated for injuries from an ISIS chemical attack this week, an official with the International Committee of the Red Cross said.

What Prompts Saudi FM to Make Landmark Visit to Iraq

Sabah Zanganeh, a senior Middle East expert, has discussed the reasons behind Saudi foreign minister’s surprise visit to Iraq.

ISIS Beheads Its Swordsmith with His Own Sword!

The man who crafted swords for the ISIS terrorist group was beheaded using the sword he himself had made.

ISIS Cleric Beheads Teddy Bear to Warn against Valentine’s Celebration

Warning people against celebration of Valentine’s Day, an ISIS prayer leader showed his repulsion towards this celebration in an “ISIS” way.

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