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Iran Develops Software to Stop WannaCry Ransomware

Iran Develops Software to Stop WannaCry Ransomware

Iranian experts have developed a security software which is capable of identifying and removing the dangerous “WannaCry” mal ware that has infected hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 100 countries around the world.
Iranian Academics in US Back Rouhani

Iranian Academics in US Back Rouhani

A group of Iranian academicians in the United States have thrown their weight behind Iranian presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani.
Intelligent Home Garden Built in Central Iran

Intelligent Home Garden Built in Central Iran

Two knowledge-based Iranian companies in central Iran have managed to design and make an intelligent home garden for growing green leafy vegetables.
Iran to Use Drone for Cloud Seeding in Desert Areas

Iran to Use Drone for Cloud Seeding in Desert Areas

Iran plans to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to seed the clouds in the dry province of Yazd for the first time, an Iranian official declared.
Iranian 3D Printers

Iranian 3D Printers to Be Exported to World Markets

Plans are underway to expand the domestic market for producing and trading printers with 3D technology and begin export of these technological products.

Iran, Europe Cooperating on 230 Joint Research Projects

Iranian science minister says the country is currently implementing 230 joint research projects in cooperation with European countries thanks to the improved international relations following the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.
sorena sattari

VP Highlights Improvement of Iranian Start-ups after Nuclear Deal

Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari says the country’s start-ups have greatly improved after the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, also known as JCPOA.
ALBA Synchrotron

Iranian Researchers Gain Access to ALBA Facilities

Iranian government has prepared the ground for Iranian researchers and experimentalists to use the facilities of Spain’s ALBA Synchrotron, particularly its synchrotron [accelerator].

Iran Ranks among Top States in Science, Disaster Response: Report

A report shows that the Islamic Republic of Iran ranks among the world’s top countries in giving emergency and organized response to natural disasters as well as in terms of achieving substantial progress in different disciplines, sciences and sectors.

Iran to Base 50% of Products on Knowledge-Based Methods

An Iranian Science Ministry official announced that the Islamic Republic aims to produce 50% of its goods using knowledge-based methods by 2025.

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