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Iranian President Test-Drives Homegrown Electric Car

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani test-drove a domestically-manufactured electric car on the National Clean Air Day.

Jordanian School Textbook Calls Avicenna an Apostate

The textbook of an elementary school in Jordan has referred to renowned Persian physician and scientist Avicenna an “impious unbeliever”.

Iran Making $3m Investment in Production of Haemophilia Drug

A knowledge-based project to produce the drugs required by haemophilic patients is underway thanks to the 3-million-dollar funds provided by Astan Quds Razavi.

Americans Don’t Dare to Ban Use of Gun: Iran’s Leader

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, says the US lawmakers do not dare to prohibit the use of gun in spite of the increasing violence in the United States.

New Advancements in Brain-Controlled Systems

Iranian researchers have managed to develop a wheelchair and also a game for hyperactive children which are both controlled by brain signals instead of hands.

Newly-Developed Touchscreen Helps Blind People Read Digital Content Faster

Iranian researchers have designed a touchscreen that transforms digital texts to braille using a new method, helping blind people have a better access to digital information.

New Version of Medical Book by Rhazes Found in Austria

Iranian attaché in Austria announced that a Latin version of Kitab Al-Mansuri, a medical book by Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, the famous Iranian polymath of Middle Age, has been discovered in the European country’s National Library.
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Iranian VP in Hungary to attend World Science Forum

Iran's vice-president for science and technology is scheduled to deliver a speech in the World Science Forum (WSF) which focuses this year on the enabling power of science.

Iranian scientists and universities among the world’s top one percent

A science ministry official has said that as many as 170 Iranian scientists are among the world’s highly-cited researchers.

New observatory aims to put Iranian astronomy on the map

When completed in four or five years, INO could be the best general-purpose telescope for thousands of kilometers, says an international scientist.

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