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Iranian Scientists Unveil Absolute Cure for Migraine

Scientific efforts by Iranian scholars in Pardis Technology Park paid off as they introduced MigriHeal which is said to be an absolute cure for migraine.

Prediction of Earthquake, 48 Hours Earlier![:es]¡Predicción del Terremoto, 48 horas antes!

An Iranian claims that he can predict earthquakes 48 hours before they occur by examining the moves of some animals like spiders.[:es]Un iraní alega ser capaz de predecir temblores 48 horas antes de que ocurran mediante el examen de los movimientos de algunos animales.
Omid Satelite

Iran Ranks First in Middle East in Aerospace

Based on a report by Spanish University of Granada scientific ranking site (SCImago), Iran ranks first in aerospace in the Middle East and 11th in the world, an Iranian official noted.

Iranian Researchers Decipher Cuneiform Inscription

The software’s developer, elaborated on the cuneiform dictionary, saying, “The software is able to decipher and provide translation for the inscriptions which date far back to Achaemenid era into four languages of Persian, Kurdish, English and Arabic.”
Iranian Space

Iran Completes Conceptual Design Phase of Manned Spacecraft

Iranian space scientists have concluded research on the conceptual design of a home-grown manned spacecraft together with its carrier rocket, or launch vehicle.

ISA to Put Geosynchronous Satellite into Orbit by 2025

The deputy director of the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) has announced Iran’s ultimate goal as building indigenous satellites parallel to foreign models and placing them into geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO) within ten years.
jellyfish protein

Iranian Researchers Improve Solar Cells with Jellyfish Protein

Researchers at Sharif University of Technology have optimized bio solar cells with the help of a kind of protein found in jellyfish at a laboratorial scale, in order to replace the older generations of solar cells.
DBS electrode

Iranian Researchers to Build DBS Electrode to Treat Addiction

Head of Cellular and Molecular Research Center at Iran University of Medical Sciences said a team of researchers are currently working on a project to build Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) electrodes for treating Parkinson’s disease and addictions.

Iranian Machine for Treatment of Malignant Tumours Completing Final Tests

Navid Nejatbakhsh, the chair of an Iranian knowledge-based company, announced that an Iranian radiotherapy or linear accelerator (LINAC) machine to treat malignant tumours is going to be released within three months.

2 New Pharmaceutical Products Produced per Month under Rouhani’s Tenure

Iranian Health Minister Seyyed Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi announced that the country has managed to produce two new drugs each month under the tenure of President Hassan Rouhani despite all problems and deficiencies.

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