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Takhte Ravanchi

A deal will be inked if P5+1 acts in good faith, makes political decision

An Iranian nuclear negotiator has said that nothing goes wrong if Tehran and P5+1 clinch a nuclear deal past the deadline.
President Rouhani

President Rouhani praises nuclear negotiators

Iranian negotiator Abbas Araghchi said the draft of the agreement is almost finished, noting that the resolution of the remaining issues requires “political decisions” by P5+1.
Takhte Ravanchi

All sanctions must be lifted: Takht-e Ravanchi

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Euro-American Affairs Majid Takht-e Ravanchi insisted that all sanctions imposed against Iran over its peaceful nuclear porgram must be lifted as part of a comprehensive nuclear agreement.
Takhte Ravanchi-1

FMs will decide about some disputed key issues: Takht-e Ravanchi

A senior Iranian nuclear negotiator on Thursday talked about possibility of leaving one or two outstanding key issues to be decided on the last days of the nuclear talks by foreign ministers of the negotiating parties.
Seyyed Abbas Araghchi

Additional Protocol implementation a sticking point in nuclear talks: Negotiator

Araghchi once again made it clear that the notion of access to Iran's military sites or interviews with the country's nuclear scientists is totally off the table in the negotiations.

Nuclear negotiators sticking to red lines: Iran’s FM

Iran’s foreign minister has said that Iran will not allow the Western sides to make excessive demands in the nuclear talks.
Seyyed Abbas Araghchi

Iranian negotiator hopeful a deal is clinched before July 1 deadline

In spite of some disagreements over some phrases or parts, a great deal of job has been done, Araghchi said.

Iran, P5+1 resume writing draft of nuclear deal

It will be a tough task. This first draft will be full of disputed issues and will include parentheses and brackets, and decisions should be made about them in the future, said Araghchi.

Iran, P5+1 start drafting sanctions removal: Araghchi

The American and European negotiators resolved some ambiguities regarding the lifting of sanctions, said Araghchi.
Abbas Araghchi

West must reach consensus over Iran N-talks: Araghchi

An Iranian nuclear negotiator says what is needed is a balanced deal that recognizes Iran’s nuclear program and lifts sanctions in exchange for confidence-building measures.

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