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Cultural Activity Needed to Save Endangered Animal Species

An Iranian lawmaker stated that to protect Iran’s environment and rare species, the government has to raise the public awareness on this subject.

Iranian Family Launches Nationwide Campaign to Protect Asiatic Cheetah

An Iranian family is leading a caravan that travels across the country to inform people about the lives of critically-endangered Asiatic cheetahs.

Iranian Cheetah Is Not Alone!

The tragic extinction of various species is not limited to Iran and the Iranian (Asiatic) cheetah. There are many animals out there in the nature that are endangered as studies of Zoological Society of London (ZSL) show that animals' population could drop to 67% by 2020. 

Iranian Cheetahs’ Population Declining Rapidly: ICS

The head of the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS), a Tehran-based NGO, said the population of Iranian cheetahs, also known as Asiatic cheetahs, is undergoing a rapid decline despite all measures taken to save the endangered species.
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Images of 50 Endangered Species on Iran’s Sports Clothing

Iranian sport teams will appear in the Rio 2016 Olympics while, in addition to the Iranian cheetah, the images of 50 endangered species are going to be printed on their sports clothing, an official announced.

Rare Glimpse Caught of Asiatic Cheetah in Iran

Environmental patrol officers in Shahroud’s Khartouran wildlife refuge have caught a rare glimpse of Asiatic Cheetah in a quite accidental encounter.

Iran’s efforts to protect Asiatic cheetah have paid off

The environment chief has said that her organization has taken measures to raise people’s awareness of their responsibility toward the Iranian cheetah and help them understand the real value of these feline species.
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International Cheetah Day (PHOTOS)

The ceremony was held at Pardisan Park, a research site in Tehran, home to two Asiatic Cheetahs.

Asiatic cheetah on the prowl

Kooshki was handed over as a gift by a hunter to the Environment Protection Organization when he was a cub.

Asiatic cheetah-themed airliner takes to Iranian skies

A Meraj Airlines Airbus A320 on whose nose the image of an Asiatic cheetah has been painted has taken to the sky for the first time.

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