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Rangers Seize Several Taxidermied Animals from Hunters

Rangers in Semnan Province, central Iran, arrested a number of hunters with a large number of taxidermied animals.

Baby Tiger Found Wandering Streets of Iran’s Mashhad

A video has gone viral in Iran, showing a baby tiger wandering the streets of Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad.

Golestan Wildlife in Northeastern Iran

Golestan National Park is one of the best, largest, and oldest national parks in Iran, accommodating many species of plants and animals. Here are Mehr’s photos of the park, published on the occasion of World...

National Purebred Horse Festival Held in Iran’s Meybod

The three-day National Purebred Horse Festival was kicked off in the Iranian central city of Meybod, Yazd province, on Wednesday, August 24.

Valuable Species of Blind Fish Found in Newly-Discovered Cave

A resident of Tashan district located in Iran’s south-western city of Behbahan spotted a gap on a hill near his home village. To satisfy his curiosity, he approached it for closer examination and found that he is looking at a cave that is home to a valuable species of fish.

Wildlife in Bijar Protected Zone

IRIB: The Bijar Protected Zone is a natural area in the northeast of Iran’s western province of Kurdistan, near the city of Bijar. This region is an expanse of natural wilderness and a good...

Two Persian leopards caught on camera

The pictures of two Persian leopards were recorded by camera in this western province, a local official said on Sunday.

Newborn snow leopard photographed

In a rare incident, experts at Parsian Wildlife Institute found a newborn snow cub at Golestan National Park on Jan 25.

National Animal Day Marked in Iran (PHOTOS)

In ancient Persia, people celebrated a day named “Bahmanagan” in which they did not eat any type of meat. Environment and animal rights activists have now named the day “National Animal Day”, which is...

Female leopard fitted with GPS tracking neckband (PHOTOS)

Unlike the previous four, the leopard is a three-year female weighing in at 40 kg.

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