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Iran Warns Regional States against Following Warmongers

Iran has dismissed the claims by the United Arab Emirates that the Islamic Republic is arming Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah fighters, urging regional states to remain vigilant against warmongering policies.

Iran Rejects ‘Baseless’ Allegations by Bahrain, UAE

Iran has dismissed as “baseless and absurd” the Emirati foreign minister’s allegations that Tehran is fueling regional insecurity, saying such remarks come despite Abu Dhabi’s deadly bombing campaign against Yemeni civilians.

Baseless claims can’t justify killing Yemeni civilians: Spokesman

Spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari said some officials in neighboring Arab countries do not know any other excuse other than blaming Iran for justify their destructive policies.

Iranian teachers detained in UAE released

Ghashghavi said the nine teachers detained in the UAE were released on the back of efforts by Iran’s Foreign Ministry and the Iran ambassador to the Abu Dhabi.

Iran summons UAE charge d’affaires over detained teachers

The charge d’affaires was asked to swiftly secure the release of a group of Iranian teachers who were detained despite their years of lawful service in an Iranian school there.

Iran builds its biggest ever school in Sharjah

The educational complex Iran is constructing in Sharjah will turn into an international school and its IB-based curriculum will be taught in English.

Iran reaffirms sovereignty over three Persian Gulf islands

Every activity in the three Iranian islands has been carried out in line with the Islamic Republic’s sovereign rights, said Afkham.

Iran reiterates sovereignty over three Persian Gulf islands

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said repetition of unfounded allegations over the territories would not change historical facts.

Iran says it will start exporting electricity to UAE soon

Iran will soon start exports of electricity to the United Arab Emirates through a subsea power line.

Iran reaffirms sovereignty on three Persian Gulf islands

Iran has rejected baseless UAE claims, saying that the three Persian Gulf islands are part and parcel of Iranian territory.

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