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Israel’s Nukes Main Threat to World: Iran’s FM

Iranian foreign minister says the Israeli regime’s arsenal of nuclear weapons poses the main threat to the entire world.

Iranian Speaker Blasts Saudi Invasion of Yemen as Genocide

Iranian Parliament speaker has slammed the Saudi invasion of Yemen as an all-out war against a nation, adding a genocide is taking place in the country.

Iran Advises Nationals to Avoid Visiting Turkey over Security Concerns

Iran’s Foreign ministry said Iranian nationals are well-advised to exercise caution while traveling to neighboring Turkey due to security concerns.
Saadi tourism guide

Turkish Tourist Guides Touring Iran

A number of Turkish tour guides have travelled to Iran to visit some of the country’s cities and attractions and further know about them.
mohammad javad zarif

Iran Keen to Continue Cooperation with Turkey on Syria: Zarif

Iranian minister of foreign affairs says despite Turkish officials’ recent anti-Iran stances, the Islamic Republic insists that its cooperation with Ankara and Moscow should continue to stave off humanitarian disasters in Syria.

Turkey Fires Officer Who Mistreated Iranian Nationals

A Turkish police officer, who had allegedly maltreated Iranian nationals entering the country, has been fired, an unnamed Turkish diplomat announced.

Turkey Appreciates Iran’s Support against Coup Attempt: FM

Following the escalated tensions between Iran and Turkey in recent days, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told IRNA his government and people appreciate Tehran’s support against the coup attempt in July 2016 and would never forget the precious encouragement.

FM Zarif Slams Turkish Officials’ Improper Anti-Iran Remarks

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has expressed dismay at the recent “improper” remarks by Turkish officials against the Islamic Republic.

Why Turkey Is Ratcheting Up Anti-Iran Rhetoric

Turkish President Erdoğan recently coined a new term, ‘Persianism’ or Persian nationalism, to express part of his concern over the change of Mideast situation in favour of Iran. But what is the reason behind the escalation of Turkey’s anti-Iran rhetoric?

Iran’s Rivals Trying to Influence Trump’s Foreign Policy

An international lawyer says Iran’s regional rivals know that US President Trump has not yet determined his foreign policy, and are thus trying to influence his approach towards Iran.

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