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Tag: Tourism Industry in Iran

First Russian Tourist Train Arrives in Iran

First Russian Tourist Train Arrives in Iran

The first tourist train, departed from the Russian capital of Moscow, has arrived in Iran.

Golden Memories of Swedish Woman Who Ran across Iran All Alone

A Swedish female runner who visited many Iranian cities all on her own talks about the memories of her journey to Iran.

French Tourist: I Feel More Safe in Iran than in France

A French tourist who has recently visited Iran believes that the country is pretty safe and secure on the contrary to the anti-Iran propaganda of Western media.

Iran Is the Paradise on Earth: Indian-Japanese Tourist Couple

Having travelled to 13 countries, a Japanese woman and an Indian man refer to Iran as the best tourist destination and the paradise of earth.

Holidays in Iran: Readers’ Travel Tips

The Guardian has recommended its readers to visit a number of Iranian hill villages, palaces and guesthouses, plus unusual events such as ancient athletics and ritual mourning.

Iran to Open Tourism Office in Russia

Iran is going to open a tourism office in Moscow by March 2017 in reciprocation for the same Russian office in Tehran, an Iranian official announced.

Marble Palace in Northern Iranian City of Ramsar

The Marble Palace in Ramsar is one of the historic buildings and royal residences located in Ramsar, a city on the coast of the Caspian Sea in Mazandaran province.

The Real Iran: Belgian Photographer’s Account of ‘Unparalleled Hospitality’ and ‘Rich Culture’ of Modern...

A Belgian photographer has shared his experiences of visiting various Iranian cities and meeting with people in Iran.

Giant French Company to Build 100 Hotels in Iran

The giant French hotel operator Accor Hotels follows a special mission in Iran and plans to implement several projects around the country within the next 10 years.

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