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US Didn’t Dare to Attack Iran Although It Was Likely to Do So: IRGC...

The IRGC commander says the US was ready to attack Iran in mid-2000s, but they didn’t dare to invade the country.

Al Saud Bans Its Citizens from Visiting Iran and 5 Other States

Saudi citizens are banned by their government from visit Iran, as well as five other countries, and will face prosecution.

Saudis Asked Syria to Cut Ties with Iran If It Wants Riyadh’s Support: Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Saudi Arabia was prepared to back Syria if it broke all relations with Iran.

There’s Nothing Pleasing about Washington’s Anti-Saudi Law: Iranian Analyst

An Iranian Middle East expert believes that the recent law passed by the US against Saudi Arabia, known as JASTA, would set a dangerous precedent for the world, and Iran should not be happy about it.

As a Second Chance to Riyadh, Iran Will Hold Talks with Saudis in Future

An Iranian advisor says Iran has been giving Saudi Arabia second chances because the Kingdom’s domestic issues have impaired their ability to make the right decision on regional affairs.

Saudis Giving Money, Intelligence to Bandits in Eastern Iran

An Iranian interior minister says the Saudi regime has been funneling money and intelligence to the outlaws operating in the country’s eastern border areas.

Saudis Recognize Iran’s Exemption from Oil Freeze

OPEC member states have achieved an agreement to control production cap, a decision which immediately impacted the markets with oil prices improving.

Iran Rejects Saudis’ “Fabricated” Claim about Arming of Ansarullah

Iran has dismissed the claims made by Saudi Arabia that Tehran is arming Yemen’s Ansarullah movement fighting back the Riyadh regime's 17-month-long military aggression against the impoverished country.

Iran Now Has the Edge in Fight over Oil Prices with Saudi Arabia: Report

In an article, Bloomberg has discussed the recent developments in the oil market, particularly the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Rulers to Be Held Accountable for Sponsoring Terror

Saudi Arabia has brought the international community into disrepute by sponsoring terrorism and will eventually be held accountable for giving patronage to terror groups, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman said.

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