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Spokesman Rejects Saudi Espionage Claims against Iran as ‘Baseless’

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi dismissed as completely false and baseless Saudi allegations against Iran, after the Riyadh regime sentenced 15 people to death for allegedly leaking details on the Saudi military to Tehran.

Tehran-Riyadh Differences Not Religious: Iranian Spokesman

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman believes that religion plays no role in the differences between his country and Saudi Arabia, adding that Israel is benefiting the most from the rift between the two major Muslim states.

Iran, Lebanon Share Common Opportunities, Challenges: Zarif

Iran has expressed hopes that the Saudis stop their narrow-minded policies and start helping with the fight to rid the region of Takfiri terrorism.

Saudi Arabia Steered By Raw, Adventurous Youths: Rafsanjani

Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani says Saudi Arabia, as the annual host of millions of people in Hajj pilgrimage, should not kill Yemeni children and women.

Iran and Saudi Arabia Need No Mediator: Last Envoy to Riyadh

The last Iranian ambassador to Saudi Arabia in an interview has discussed the root causes of Tehran-Riyadh conflicts and the necessity for improving bilateral relations.
Bahram Qassemi

Sanctities No Means for Meagre Goals: Iran to Saudi, UAE

Iran has called on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to stop exploiting Islamic sanctities as a means for their own trivial goals after Riyadh claimed, in an allegation later dismissed, that a ballistic missile by the Yemeni army forces and allied fighters had targeted the holy Saudi city of Mecca and the UAE rehashed the accusations that Iran is arming the Yemeni forces.

Morocco Turns to Iran to Keep Distance from Saudis: Ex-Ambassador

Mohammad Masjed-Jamei, who once was Iran's Ambassador to Rabat, believes that the reopening of Moroccan embassy in Iran indicates the country’s willingness to keep its distance from Saudi Arabia because of its adverse condition in the region.

US Didn’t Dare to Attack Iran Although It Was Likely to Do So: IRGC...

The IRGC commander says the US was ready to attack Iran in mid-2000s, but they didn’t dare to invade the country.

Al Saud Bans Its Citizens from Visiting Iran and 5 Other States

Saudi citizens are banned by their government from visit Iran, as well as five other countries, and will face prosecution.

Saudis Asked Syria to Cut Ties with Iran If It Wants Riyadh’s Support: Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Saudi Arabia was prepared to back Syria if it broke all relations with Iran.

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