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The latest news and views about bilateral relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Iran Slams Arab League Summit’s Final Statement

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman has blasted the final statement of the Arab League summit, rejecting the allegations made against the Islamic Republic in some parts of it.

Lebanon, Iraq Back Iran at Arab League Meeting

Lebanon and Iraq have supported Iran at a preliminary foreign ministerial meeting of an Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia.

Iran Blasts Certain Muslim States for “Treacherous” Positions on Syria Strikes

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has described as an act of “betrayal” the silence by certain Islamic countries in the face of the US-led military action against Syria.
ayatollah mohammad emami-kashani

Iranian Cleric Urges Saudi Muftis to Warn Their Novice Rulers against Provocation

A senior Iranian cleric has called on Saudi clergymen and Muslim scholars to fulfil their religious obligation by warning the novice rulers of Saudi Arabia against making provocative decisions about regional issues.
Bahram Qassemi

Iran Rejects Arab Quartet Committee’s Baseless Accusations

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has dismissed as baseless the accusations levelled against the country in a recent statement by the Arab Quartet Committee. 

Iran Urges France Not to Be Swayed by Bin Salman’s Claims

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has called on French officials not to be swayed by the allegations and adventurism of novice and bellicose Saudi heir to the throne.

Saudi Rulers Symbols of Aggression, Crime in Mideast: Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says the current rulers of Saudi Arabia have turned themselves into symbols of aggression and crime in the Middle East.

“Saudi Arabia Influenced by US’ Anti-Iran Delusions”

A senior Iraqi analyst says Saudi Arabia should extricate itself from the quagmire of anti-Iran delusions created by the United States.

Riyadh Rejects Iran’s Offer to Help Settle Yemen Crisis: Zarif

Saudi Arabia rejected Tehran's offers to facilitate a political solution to the crisis in Yemen, says Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Iran to Overtake Saudi Arabia on Petrochemical Market

Iran is counting down to overtake its arch-rival Saudi Arabia when it comes to the production and sale of petrochemical products.

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