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Iranian-Made Neuronavigation System Enters Service

Neurosurgeons in Iran are using a modern locally-developed neuronavigation system which measures up to international standards.

Iran Produces Disposable Teaspoon with Probiotic Features

Iranian researchers have produced a new type of disposable teaspoons with probiotic properties as part of their project to promote the quality of Iranian herbal tea.

Iran Hosts First Int’l Live Brain Surgery Seminar

Iran has displayed for the first time its medical capabilities in an international brain surgery seminar held in the southern city of Shiraz.

Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan Keen to Import Iranian Vaccines

Several countries have voiced their willingness to purchase Iranian-made vaccines, says former head of Iran Pasteur Institute, Mostafa Qanei.
Production of Cancer Prevention Syrup Begins in Central Iran

Production of Cancer Prevention Syrup Begins in Central Iran

An Iranian researcher says the production of a cancer prevention drug titled ‘Odorata syrup’ has begun in the central Iranian province of Isfahan.

Iranian MP Lauds Sharp Decrease in Pharmaceutical Imports

An Iranian MP has praised a 25-percent decrease in imports of pharmaceuticals to Iran, saying the country should focus on expanding the export of its homegrown medicine by using the expertise of its elites.

Iran Ranks among Top States in Science, Disaster Response: Report

A report shows that the Islamic Republic of Iran ranks among the world’s top countries in giving emergency and organized response to natural disasters as well as in terms of achieving substantial progress in different disciplines, sciences and sectors.

Iran Unveils World’s First Herbal Medicine for Alzheimer’s Disease

Iranian researchers and scientists have put on display the world’s first ever herbal medicine to cure Alzheimer’s or stop it from progressing through alleviating its symptoms such as memory loss and confusion.

Baby Born in Iran from Embryo Frozen for 14 Years

A child has been born in an Iranian hospital after 14 years of cryopreservation, the process of preserving an embryo at sub-zero temperatures.

Iranian MP Criticizes Import of Expensive Blood-Based Drugs

An Iranian lawmaker slammed the country’s failure to launch a blood refinery, saying Iran should not import expensive blood-based drugs while it is capable to produce them.

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