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A collection of the most beautiful photos of Iran, including the country’s natural attractions, cultural heritage, handicrafts, and important sites


Tehran, Budapest declared ‘sister cities’

The Tehran mayor hailed the agreement and described Hungary as a country that has a significant status culturally, economically, and industrially.
selfless teacher

A selfless teacher (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of a selfless Iranian teacher who has to walk 10 km every day to get to school.

Story of Iranian woman with no arms gets global media attention

“Each body might have some limitations and deficiencies. But if you have a pure, elevated soul I think the body won't matter,” said the disabled Iranian woman.
Tulip Festival1

Tulip Festival

A Tulip Festival is annually organized by an Iranian flower breeder in early May allowing people to feast their eyes on the beautiful flowers free of charge.
injured animals (1)

An Iranian woman has turned her home into a safe refuge for injured animals...

A photo gallery of injured domestic animals in the house of an Iranian woman who takes care of them with sheer kindness.
Fajr Film Festival 56

Closing ceremony of international section of Fajr Film Festival (PHOTOS)

Photos of the closing ceremony of the international section of the 33rd Fajr Film Festival in Tehran.
Father’s Day (1)

A visit to a father on Father’s Day (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of a very old Iranian father who is visited by his children, grand and great grandchildren on Father’s Day.
Turkmen horses

A horse farm in northeastern Iran (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery of a horse farm in northeastern Iran where a physician breeds Turkmen thoroughbred horses in his free time.
Persian Gulf

Persian Gulf Day, symbol of Iranian unanimity (PHOTOS)

An aerial photo gallery of the Persian Gulf.

Iranian sportswoman who is crazy about skydiving (PHOTOS)

An exciting jump from a plane is the only sport which can get the Iranian girl’s adrenalin flowing.

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