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Mohammad Javad Zarif

EU Must Play More Active Role in Regional, Global Issues: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the European Union plays a crucial role in regional and international issues but can be more active in this regard.

Iran Proposes Nuclear Energy Cooperation with Hungary[:es]Irán propone cooperación en materia de energía nuclear...

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani proposed that Iran and Hungary cooperate in peaceful employment of nuclear energy.[:es] En una reunión con el presidente de la Asamblea Nacional de Hungría, Laszlo Kover, en Teherán el sábado, el presidente Rouhani destacó el progreso de Irán en las tecnologías modernas, como la nanotecnología y la biotecnología, proponiendo la cooperación mutua en la industria nuclear.

Iran president calls on Europe to ‘help’ refugees

Rouhani expressed hope that through “determination and collective cooperation,” the entire world would see lasting stability and security.

Tehran, Budapest declared ‘sister cities’

The Tehran mayor hailed the agreement and described Hungary as a country that has a significant status culturally, economically, and industrially.

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