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Tehran Stock Exchange

Tehran Stock Exchange Market Unaffected by Trump’s Speech

Unlike earlier estimations, Tehran Stock Exchange market has not only remained unaffected by the anti-Iran rhetoric of US President, but also has ridiculed his rhetoric by showing a significant growth in some terms.
The International Monetary Fund

Iran’s Economic Growth Rate Stands at 12.5 Percent: IMF

The International Monetary Fund has in its latest World Economic Outlook announced that Iran's economic growth rate in 2016 was 12.518% year-on-year and its unemployment rate rose to 12.450%, while the inflation rate fell to 9.03%.
Iranian economy

Deregulation; Best Way to Save Iran’s Economy

An Iranian analyst believes deregulation of the Iranian economy is the most suitable solution for strengthening the country's economy.
Oil Extraction in Front of Customers: New Lucrative Business in Iran

Oil Extraction in Front of Customers: New Lucrative Business in Iran

Extracting vegetable oil in front of customers has turned into a booming business in recent years in Iran as it is profitable and does not need much investment.
Iran, Saudi Arabia Trade

Iran, Saudi Arabia Trade Volume Stands at Zero: Official

An Iranian official says the trade volume between Iran and Saudi Arabia stands at zero and the two sides have no economic relations with each other.
Which Markets in Iran Are Most Profitable

Which Markets in Iran Are Most Profitable?

Which are the most profitable markets for investment in Iran? This is perhaps the main question lingering in the minds of all investors and even those who are seeking to launch a business in Iran with their savings.
ALi Larijani

Tehran, Seoul Keen to Expand Business Ties: Larijani

Iran’s Parliament speaker says the Islamic Republic and South Korea have great potentials for investment and job creation, and both are interested in expanding their trade cooperation.
Adidas in Iran

Foreign Clothing Brands Given Ultimatum for Operation in Iran

An official at the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade says an ultimatum has been given to the foreign clothing brands operating in Iran to increase their production in the country and boost exports of their products from the Islamic Republic.

Iran Will Soon Join Eurasian Economic Union

Signs are emerging that show the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) – the Russia-led single market – is seeking deeper links with Iran after the re-election of President Hassan Rouhani.
Iran’s Global Standing Improved in 11 Indices in Rouhani’s Term

Iran’s Global Standing Improved in 11 Indices in Rouhani’s Term

Assessments and reports by international organizations indicate an improvement in Iran’s performance and ranking in most of the international economic indices during 2013-16, the period of time when President Hassan Rouhani was in office.

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