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Iran’s Global Standing Improved in 11 Indices in Rouhani’s Term

Iran’s Global Standing Improved in 11 Indices in Rouhani’s Term

Assessments and reports by international organizations indicate an improvement in Iran’s performance and ranking in most of the international economic indices during 2013-16, the period of time when President Hassan Rouhani was in office.

Qalibaf Vows to Form “Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Int’l Trade”

Iranian presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf says, if elected, he will turn the foreign ministry into the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade” so that the foreign policy apparatus can help improve Iran’s domestic economy.
Economy Likely to Be Most Pressing Theme in Iran Election Campaigns

Economy Likely to Be Most Pressing Theme in Iran Election Campaigns

With nominations now closed for the May 19 presidential election in Iran, the likely shape of the contest is beginning to emerge.
78% Increase in Iran-EU Trade Transactions

78% Increase in Iran-EU Trade Transactions

Trade transactions between Iran and the European Union (EU) reached €13.744 billion in 2016, showing a 78-percent growth compared to the figure for 2015.
Ayatollah Khamenei speech

Enemies Using Economic Pressure to Achieve Goals: Iran Leader

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the issue of economy is a priority for Iran, adding that the enemies seek to undermine the trust of the Iranian nation in the Islamic establishment through mounting economic pressure.
Amin al-Zarb

Iran Awards National Medal to Top Entrepreneurs

In a ceremony attended by Iran’s First Vice-President, 23 individuals were awarded the “Amin al-Zarb” badge of entrepreneurship for their distinguished role in fostering economic empowerment.
Massoud Khansari

Iran Hopes Its National Medal Would Become as Valuable as Economic Nobel Prize

Plans are underway to raise the value of the national ‘Amin al-Zarb’ medal to the level of Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, said a senior Iranian trade official.

Iran’s Economic Growth Has No Parallel in Middle East: Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani says Iran's economic growth currently stands at 7.4 percent, and this has no parallel in the region.
world bank

World Bank Says Iran’s Foreign Debts Have Decreased by 64%

The World Bank says Iran’s foreign debts have significantly dropped since 2011 when the country faced a series of US-led sanctions.
Saeed Laylaz

Economic Analyst Explains Why Iran Didn’t Turn into a Second Venezuela

An Iranian analyst has explained why Iran’s economy found its way to growth during the past years while the Venezuelan economy ended in meltdown in spite of having better economic conditions.

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