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Margret Thatcher

How Margret Thatcher Paid Millions to Keep SAS Iran Embassy Siege Secrets

The newly released Home Office file showed how the Iron Lady was made to act to avoid a court case that would threaten to expose the secrets of the SAS and allow soldiers to be sued for doing their duty.

BP in Talks with Iran to Develop 4 Oilfields

Director of National Iranian South Oil Company Bijan Alipour said negotiations are underway with the British Petroleum (BP) on development of four oilfields in south of Iran.

Iran, Britain Appoint New Envoys

Iran and Britain named their new ambassadors to London and Tehran, as the two incoming officials held a gathering with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday.

Kharrazi: West needs to get familiar with real Islam

In order to confront terrorism, the first step is to cut off the financial and military aid provided to the terrorists by certain regional countries, Kharrazi told a British MP.

West must stop supporting terrorists: Iran’s Larijani

Larijani said that Western countries need to ask their regional allies to stop providing the terrorist groups with weapons and oil.

Reopening of embassies betters Iran-UK relations: Rouhani

If we do not eradicate the roots of terrorism even if we successfully fight it in one region, it may spring back immediately in another, President Rouhani said.

Britain should cease interventionist policy toward Iran: Larijani

Britain has a negative record in the minds of Iranians. However no one should be stalled in the past and there must be a move forward, said Hammond in a meeting with Ali Larijani.

Shamkhani, Hammond call for boosting all out ties

Iran expects the British government to change its approach toward Iran and stay away from non-constructive misunderstandings, said Shamkhani in the meeting with Hammond.

A review of a failed plan to shut down the British embassy

A former Iranian MP has said we need to wait for objective progress in London’s behavior, arguing there are still misgivings in Iran about Britain’s change of policy and its future approaches.

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