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“We Won’t Give Away a Single Dollar in Crescent Case”

An Iranian presidential contender harshly criticized a controversial deal on selling natural gas to an Emirati company, and promised not to give away a single dollar on an open legal case concerning the contract.

New Generation of Filling Stations Set Up in Tehran

Tehran Municipality and the Iranian Oil Ministry have set up self-service filling stations for the first time in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Turkmenistan Inks Last-Minute Gas Deal with Iran

Turkmenistan managed to avert the loss of one of its only two buyers of natural gas with some desperate, last-gasp negotiations, media reports said.

Producing Oil and Gas out of Algae in 20 Minutes

Iranian researchers invented a device that turns algae into petroleum in just 20 minutes.

Gas Condensate Output Up 35% in March-April

Iranian refineries’ gas condensate output rose by 35% in the Iranian month of Farvardin (March 20-April 19).

Undersea pipeline to take Iran gas to India: Report

The Indian government is reportedly determined to seal a deal with Tehran on laying a direct undersea gas pipeline from Iran to India.

Doha to Dump Gas in India

The price war, along with the share of the global oil market which has caused the current oil price slump, is now affecting the gas market as well. Qatar has signaled that it is...

Nine heads of state to attend Tehran gas summit: Oil minister

Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said that member of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum are mature enough to have cooperation in tandem with competition.

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